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Saturday, February 4, 2023

Time Magazine: A US opportunity in Libya




Time Magazine

The Libyan Conundrum

Fareed Zakaria

Now the U.S. has the opportunity to break the dysfunctional dynamic that produces anti-American hatred and violence. The Obama Administration has properly aligned itself with the hopes and aspirations of the Arab people, and it has called for governments in the region to engage in serious reform. But right now all these efforts have been sidelined. Libya is burning. Its people rose, and the tyrant gunned them down. Unless something changes, Muammar Gaddafi and his sons will be able to reassert control over the country amid a mass slaughter of its civilians. Read more:


Despite what the Gadaffi Regime says in its state run television broadcasts, the citizens of Tripoli are not necessarily supporting the dictator. Al Jazeera has had some contact with residents. Read and watch the video.




Al Jazeera

Voices from Tripoli

A man and a woman describe the strange feeling of praying for the pilot who’s bombing your country, why so few Tripoli residents are willing to speak publicly against Gaddafi, and the unlikely prospect of tribal war should the regime fall. Read More:

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