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Saturday, January 28, 2023

The myth of Tribal Libya

The Libyan youth uses a number of communication media. In addition to their Twitter and Facebook pages, they have a web site on which they keep a running update, publishes some of their own publication and provides articles that have appeared in international newspapers.


Todays page includeds

“Libya’s uprising attract participants worldwide from the Washington Post

“Video: Apparently the whole Libyan social media revolution is a fake” showing attempts to discredit the Libyan Youth Movement and blame the United States for the unrest.

“The myth of Tribal Libya” from the UK Guardian

“Faces of the displaced – Boston Globe Photography”


You can view the current stories at  Libya February 17th.

From the BBC News Africa, read “Libya: Turkish ship rescues injured from Misrata” and see how Gaddifi forces are targeting civilians, including women and children.

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