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Thursday, April 18, 2024

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Politics are tribal warfare

Politics are tribal warfare

Have You Ever Wondered What Compells Your Conservative Relatives to Vote the Way They Do?   Jonathan Haidt on why seemingly decent people are so divided on politics. By Ryan Howes January 3, 2013 By the time you’re reading this, the 2012 election will have been decided, and we’ll all have had our fill of the partisan rancor that’s become commonplace in politics. Perhaps you yourself have had the experience of getting lost in an argument in which you became ... Full Story

The myth of Tribal Libya

The Libyan youth uses a number of communication media. In addition to their Twitter and Facebook pages, they have a web site on which they keep a running update, publishes some of their own publication and provides articles that have appeared in international newspapers.   Todays page includeds "Libya's uprising attract participants worldwide" from the Washington Post "Video: Apparently the whole Libyan social media revolution is a fake" showing attempts to discredit the Libyan Youth ... Full Story