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Saturday, January 28, 2023

Videos from Libya




CNN Reporter gets a look at Misrata after weeks of siege.




Translated Video: Injured revolutionary refuses to praise Gaddafi, shots fired & ending unclear



Gaddafi Soldier: Raise your head, Raise your head, Get on your back, What is your name?! What is your Name?
Injured man: Ahmed.
Gaddafi Soldier: Say long live alfatah (Gaddafi/Gaddafi’s revolution)
Injured man: God is great
Gaddafi Soldier: Say long live Alfatah (Gaddafi/Gaddafi’s revolution)! Say long live Mu’ammar!
Injured man: There is no god except God, Muhammed is the messenger of God…
*** Three shots fired ***

More destruction of Misrata by Gaddafi forces shelling civilian targets.

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