June 2024


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Friday, June 14, 2024

Turner Middle School, Students of the Month

ALEX HEPP – 6th grade

Alex has done an outstanding job at TMS in every way, but he especially shines academically.  His work goes above and beyond the norm; and we appreciate all of his unique thoughts and input to our classes.

LAUREN DIETZ – 6th grade

Lauren makes a big effort to include all students in TMS activities.  She has an honest approach to making all students feel welcome.  Lauren is an awesome Dragon and a great addition to TMS.

ZOE GORESKI – 7th grade

Zoe completes every assignment with enthusiasm and outstanding effort; always exception work.  She displays a positive attitude and exceptional  work ethic.  Zoe always checks in if she was absent.  You can depend on her to study for tests.  She gives 110%.

JT FIECHTNER – 7th grade

JT goes out of his way to include others in groups and make new students welcome.  He is willing to help both students and teacher make sure every activity is completed with the best effort.  JT’s respect and thoughtfulness for others is noticed and appreciated.

ZACH DAMBERGER – 8th grade

Zach is very motivated, has a good attitude and consistently does his best work.  He asks good questions in his classes and turns in thoughtfully written assignments.

KARLY HARDY – 8th grade

Karly is very supportive of her friends and helps to enhance our school climate at TMS.  She is a very reliable student and sets a good example for her peers.

BRIANNA RIVERA – electives

Brianna works hard in class and always gives 110%.  She has a great work ethic!!

JOSLYNN DAVIS – electives

Joslynn is always friendly and polite to both teachers and students.  She is always willing to help teachers and work with students who may be behind in their work.

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