June 2024


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Saturday, June 22, 2024

World Affairs Daily, March 10


China’s Nervous Neighbors Play the America Card

By Richard Weitz

China’s increasing military power and aggressiveness has raised alarms in Southeast Asia. Richard Weitz explains how the region, together with the US, has begun to recalculate, adjust, and realign policies and relationships to counter China’s increasingly menacing posture.  Read More


The Arms Trade, Dictators, and the Innocent Dead

Michael Zantovsky Blog

As Qaddafi murders his subjects, the moral relativism, geopolitical realism, and “good business” thinking that has justified selling him weapons is bankrupt. Read More


Strange Bedfellows: War and Minority Rights

Robert P. Saldin

It’s no coincidence that “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” ran aground after almost a decade of foreign wars. The same thing happened for women’s suffrage after World War I, civil rights after World War II, and youth voting rights after Vietnam. Read More


Leaked: What the Mideast Really Thinks of Iran

James Kirchick

Thanks to WikiLeaks, it’s now abundantly clear that most Arab leaders want the US to end Iran’s nuclear program. So why do our realist-progressive pundits still think the threat is exaggerated? Read More


The Arms Trade, Dictators and the Innocent Dead



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