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Sunday, July 14, 2024

Berthoud Police Blotter: February 2021


February 1 – 7

Monday, February 1

DUI: Berthoud Pkwy & Grand Market, a 59-year-old Boulder man was stopped for a traffic violation and arrested for suspicion of DUI.

ID Theft / Theft: Grand Market, a resident reported having several credit cards opened in her name, and several fraudulent transactions on her credit card. The resident also received notification from USPS that she had changed her address to Louisiana. 

Theft/Embezzlement: Bunyan, a 36-year-old Berthoud woman organized a fundraiser on behalf of a third party, at the derby grill and has failed to turn over the money. Estimated $1k- $9k. Investigation on going.

Tuesday, February 2

Eluding / License Revoked /Felony Warrant / Possession of Meth: Mountain at 7th St., deputies attempted to stop a vehicle for a traffic violation. Upon enforcement stop, the vehicle eluded, displaying fictitious plates. A pursuit ending technique was utilized concluding pursuit. Driver, a 32-year-old transient was booked. A female passenger had several outstanding warrants, she also was booked.

Wednesday, February 3

Violation of A Protection Order: 2nd St. a 35-year-old Greeley man went to his mother’s house in violation of protection orders but left before deputies arrived. Warrant will be sought.

Thursday, February 4

Suicide Threats: 7th St., a mother stated her 20-year-old son was suicidal & requesting to go to the hospital to get his meds adjusted due to hearing voices. He was voluntarily transported to the hospital for treatment.

Assist Thornton Pd / Felony Eluding / DUI / Resisting Arrest / License Revoked: Southbound I-25, Johnstown PD advised they were in pursuit of a vehicle for Felony Menacing and requested our assistance. It was later determined the Felony Menacing took place in Thornton on I-25. Johnstown PD discontinued chasing the vehicle and deputies located the vehicle and initiated a pursuit. The suspect threw a pistol out of the driver’s window on I-25. Deputies pursued the vehicle southbound, but the pursuit was terminated. An LCSO special units Investigator was in the area and was able to maintain covert surveillance on the vehicle until it exited the interstate. The suspect vehicle struck a civilian car, and he abandoned the car and fled on foot. Deputy pursued the suspect, who is a 27-year-old Denver man who ran toward a nearby house. He was highly intoxicated and refused verbal commands and kept reaching into his waistband. A taser was used and he was taken into custody. Tools found in the vehicle linking the man back to a Vehicle Trespass earlier in the day. Charges forthcoming from Thornton PD and Northglenn PD for the menacing.

Friday, February 5

Driving with Revoked License / Vehicle Crash: Mountain & 2nd St. a 35-year-old Greeley man was driving when his wheel came off his vehicle causing damage to his car. Summons issued. 

Possible Road Rage / Interstate Shooting: I-25 Berthoud Exit, a driver reported a road rage incident on with a possible shot fired. a projectile was recovered from the vehicle. Projectile sent to lab for testing.

Saturday, February 6

Identity Theft: Martingale Drive, a resident had her debit card information used to purchase approximately $530.00 of online gift cards to Walmart and Starbucks.

Suspicious / Criminal Mischief / Burglary / Trespassing / Theft: N. Berthoud Pkwy, new Recreation Center, alarm call led to the discovery of at least 7 construction trailers that had been broken into. None of the tools and equipment inside appeared to be missing or disturbed. Photos and evidence collected. Two Reserve Deputies respond to secure the scene until arrangements could be made to secure the trailers as it is believed the suspects planned to return. 

Sunday, February 7

Indecent Exposure / Theft / Violation Bond / Third Degree Trespass: Mountain, a 26-year-old Loveland man generated a lot of calls to dispatch due to his erratic behavior throughout the evening. Contacted after trespassing at Hays and Pizza Hut and in possession of items stolen from Habitat Thrift Store. Multiple witnesses reported he was exposing himself to passing cars on Mountain Ave. Booked

Overdose: Berthoud, a resident was found not breathing but was revived by Medical. His girlfriend told EMS she has an OxyContin prescription that might have been the cause.

February 7 – 14

February 15 – 21

Monday, February 15

Family Problems: Bristlecone Court, a man reported his soon to be ex-wife threatened him over the phone.

Identity Theft: Franklin Avenue, a resident’s identity was used to open up a Sprint account. 

Tuesday, February 16

Assist to Ft. Collins Police: Longview Avenue, a woman made suicidal statements to someone in Ft. Collins. She was located outside this address and transported to the hospital for evaluation.

Wednesday, February 17

Theft: Sun River Road, a builder reported that $600.79 worth of 4×8 OSB plywood was stolen sometime on Monday night.

Thursday, February 18

Fraud / At Risk Adult: Wilshire Drive, a resident sold quilts to an unknown suspect, but they deposited $5,000 over the agreed upon price. Her bank reported the issue and caught the attempted fraud. She is working on finding the Facebook messages from the possible suspect. 

Warrant Arrest: Meadowlark Drive, a 38-year-old Longmont man was arrested for two Larimer County warrants. Booked

Unemployment Fraud: Tabor Street, a resident was notified his information was used to open an unemployment claim.

Identity Theft: Chaparro Circle., a resident reported that someone used her information to open a credit card at Chase Bank.

Friday, February 19

Assault / Harassment / Domestic Violence: Victoria Street, a 34-year-old Northglenn man assaulted a local woman and sent her harassing text messages. Booked.

Mental Health Hold/Detox Hold: 2nd Street, a 23-year-old woman was under the influence of meth and many other things. She was in a manic mode dealing with multiple voices in her head. She was placed on a detox hold for the drug use and was taken to the hospital. 

Warrant Arrest: Meadowlark Drive, a31-year-old Loveland man was arrested for a warrant out of Larimer County.

Warrant Arrest: Victoria Street, a 45-year-old Berthoud woman was arrested for a felony warrant out of Denver. Booked

MVA Hit & Run / Criminal Mischief: Sage Place, a silver sedan was seen driving in and out of several cul-de-sacs before crashing into a basketball hoop at this address.

Returned Missing Adult: E Iowa Avenue, a 42-year-old woman, missing since January, was located in Denver and safe. 

DUI: 3800 E Hwy. 56, a vehicle was observed weaving traveling southbound on I-25 at Hwy 56. The Driver, a 49-year-old Greeley woman admitted to using methamphetamine to drive for Uber for extended periods of time. Summonsed

Harassment: 2nd Street, a resident reported he received a threatening voicemail and repeated texts/calls from an unknown person.

Saturday, February 20

Attempted Vehicle Trespass/Criminal Mischief: 3800 Hwy 56, a woman reported her window smashed out of her car while inside of the Love’s Travel Center. Suspects did not gain entry or steal any property. Suspect vehicle is described as a dark crossover / possibly a newer model Volkswagen. 

Suspicious / Possible Domestic Violence: 4th Street, a woman reportedly fell and hit her head. Finally made disclosures about a verbal altercation with an ex-boyfriend earlier in the day. She chose her words carefully and would not make any statement to substantiate a crime had been committed.

Possession of Controlled Substance: Mountain Avenue, a 43-year-old Pennsylvania man was contacted sleeping in his vehicle at one of the gas pumps. The man was acting erratic and a K-9 sniff of the vehicle resulted in locating methamphetamine. Booked.

Sunday, February 21

Warrant Arrest/Suspended License/Speeding: CR14, a 27-year-old Loveland man was contacted for speeding 67/45. License canceled/denied. Arrested for a Loveland warrant for theft. Summonsed for the traffic violation and booked on the warrant.

Warrant Arrest: Meadowlark Drive, a 44-year-old Windsor man was contacted and found to have two felony warrants. Booked

Harassment / Domestic Violence: Grand Market Avenue, a woman reported a verbal disturbance with her boyfriend. She stated he shoved her during the argument. Booked.

Pursuit: Hwy. 56 & CR 7, a silver 2019 GMC Yukon was observed speeding eastbound Hwy. 56. Traffic stop of the vehicle was initiated and the vehicle eluded onto I-25 Southbound from Hwy 56. Pursuit terminated for safety reasons. 

February 22 – 28

Monday, February 22

Cold Assault / False Imprisonment / Domestic Violence: Canyonlands Street, a woman reported that two weeks ago her husband punched her and held her down on the ground. She will not say where her ex is so he can be interviewed.

Scam: 3rd Street, a resident had an unknown suspect contact her over an unpaid Amazon bill. She provided her bank account information to the suspect. So far, no money has been lost.

Vehicle Crash: Mountain Avenue & 10th Street a driver fell asleep at the wheel and crashed into a tree resulting in a fully engulfed vehicle fire. With the help of another driver, he got out before the car went up in flames. Transported to the hospital.

Vehicle Crash: 3800 E. Hwy 56, a semi-truck driver was involved in a collision while reversing into a parking stall.

Obstructing / Eluding: 3800 E. Hwy 56, a 32-year-old Longmont man was observed in the driver seat of his vehicle parked in a no parking zone. The driver was contacted and refused to identify himself or speak with Deputies. He then fled the area; a traffic stop was attempted but the man continued to accelerate and elude. For safety reasons a pursuit was not initiated.

Tuesday, February 23

Child Abuse: S Iowa, a woman reported when she picked her children up from daycare, her 2-year-old son reported his father’s girlfriend touched him inappropriately.

Wednesday, February 24

Warrant Arrest: Meadowlark Drive, a 51-year-old man was contacted and arrested for a warrant. Booked.

Menacing: E Hwy 56 at County Line, a driver passed a truck traveling 45MPH in a passing zone. While she was passing the male driver pointed a silver-colored handgun at her.

DUI: E Hwy 56, a 44-year-old Denver man was traveling westbound in the eastbound lanes and collided head-on with a CDOT snowplow. He admitted to deputies that he had been drinking.

Thursday, February 25

Found License Plate: 3rd Street & Mountain Avenue, a Colorado License Plate was located at this location. Unable to contact the owner.

Friday, February 26

Unlawful Sexual Contact: Franklin Avenue, a 52-year-old man touched a 17-year-old nursing assistant inappropriately. Booked

Follow Up: Canyonlands Street, a warrant was sought for charges in this case after an interview again with the woman. Her ex is working with his attorney to turn himself in on the active

Saturday, February 27

Warrant Arrest: 4th Street, a 32-year-old man was arrested for an outstanding warrant. Booked

Theft/Identity Theft / False Information to Pawn Broker / Possession of Financial Device: 4th Street, a 29-year-old man stole his brother’s wallet and used his identity at least one pawn shop in the Denver area. More follow up and warrant application forthcoming. 

Crimes Against at Risk Adult / Assault / Domestic Violence / Criminal Tampering / Violation of Protection Order / Violation of Bond Conditions / Warrant: Common Drive, a 57-year-old man was intoxicated and got into a disturbance with his girlfriend in which he threw flour throughout the room and shoved her causing her to hit her head. The girlfriend’s mother attempted to intervene, and he struck her in the face. Booked. 

Indecent Exposure: 6th Street, a resident reported that an 85-year-old man exposed himself to her multiple times while she was there as an in-home nurse.

Detox Hold: 2nd Street, a 23-year-old woman was placed on a detox hold after being called in by her parents hallucinating on methamphetamine. Transported to the hospital by ambulance.

Sunday, February 28

Unwanted Person: 3800 E. Hwy 56, staff requested Deputies verbally trespass a female off their property. They stated she has been asking for a ride to Durango and for money from everyone that came in for the past 2 hours.

Due to all the Unemployment Scams each week a list of the locations will be listed:

Spring Beauty Drive, Pyramid Peak Street, Mayo Court, Wilfred Road,

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