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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Berthoud Police Blotter: February 2021


February 1 – 7

Monday, February 1

DUI: Berthoud Pkwy & Grand Market, a 59-year-old Boulder man was stopped for a traffic violation and arrested for suspicion of DUI.

ID Theft / Theft: Grand Market, a resident reported having several credit cards opened in her name, and several fraudulent transactions on her credit card. The resident also received notification from USPS that she had changed her address to Louisiana. 

Theft/Embezzlement: Bunyan, a 36-year-old Berthoud woman organized a fundraiser on behalf of a third party, at the derby grill and has failed to turn over the money. Estimated $1k- $9k. Investigation on going.

Tuesday, February 2

Eluding / License Revoked /Felony Warrant / Possession of Meth: Mountain at 7th St., deputies attempted to stop a vehicle for a traffic violation. Upon enforcement stop, the vehicle eluded, displaying fictitious plates. A pursuit ending technique was utilized concluding pursuit. Driver, a 32-year-old transient was booked. A female passenger had several outstanding warrants, she also was booked.

Wednesday, February 3

Violation of A Protection Order: 2nd St. a 35-year-old Greeley man went to his mother’s house in violation of protection orders but left before deputies arrived. Warrant will be sought.

Thursday, February 4

Suicide Threats: 7th St., a mother stated her 20-year-old son was suicidal & requesting to go to the hospital to get his meds adjusted due to hearing voices. He was voluntarily transported to the hospital for treatment.

Assist Thornton Pd / Felony Eluding / DUI / Resisting Arrest / License Revoked: Southbound I-25, Johnstown PD advised they were in pursuit of a vehicle for Felony Menacing and requested our assistance. It was later determined the Felony Menacing took place in Thornton on I-25. Johnstown PD discontinued chasing the vehicle and deputies located the vehicle and initiated a pursuit. The suspect threw a pistol out of the driver’s window on I-25. Deputies pursued the vehicle southbound, but the pursuit was terminated. An LCSO special units Investigator was in the area and was able to maintain covert surveillance on the vehicle until it exited the interstate. The suspect vehicle struck a civilian car, and he abandoned the car and fled on foot. Deputy pursued the suspect, who is a 27-year-old Denver man who ran toward a nearby house. He was highly intoxicated and refused verbal commands and kept reaching into his waistband. A taser was used and he was taken into custody. Tools found in the vehicle linking the man back to a Vehicle Trespass earlier in the day. Charges forthcoming from Thornton PD and Northglenn PD for the menacing.

Friday, February 5

Driving with Revoked License / Vehicle Crash: Mountain & 2nd St. a 35-year-old Greeley man was driving when his wheel came off his vehicle causing damage to his car. Summons issued. 

Possible Road Rage / Interstate Shooting: I-25 Berthoud Exit, a driver reported a road rage incident on with a possible shot fired. a projectile was recovered from the vehicle. Projectile sent to lab for testing.

Saturday, February 6

Identity Theft: Martingale Drive, a resident had her debit card information used to purchase approximately $530.00 of online gift cards to Walmart and Starbucks.

Suspicious / Criminal Mischief / Burglary / Trespassing / Theft: N. Berthoud Pkwy, new Recreation Center, alarm call led to the discovery of at least 7 construction trailers that had been broken into. None of the tools and equipment inside appeared to be missing or disturbed. Photos and evidence collected. Two Reserve Deputies respond to secure the scene until arrangements could be made to secure the trailers as it is believed the suspects planned to return. 

Sunday, February 7

Indecent Exposure / Theft / Violation Bond / Third Degree Trespass: Mountain, a 26-year-old Loveland man generated a lot of calls to dispatch due to his erratic behavior throughout the evening. Contacted after trespassing at Hays and Pizza Hut and in possession of items stolen from Habitat Thrift Store. Multiple witnesses reported he was exposing himself to passing cars on Mountain Ave. Booked

Overdose: Berthoud, a resident was found not breathing but was revived by Medical. His girlfriend told EMS she has an OxyContin prescription that might have been the cause.


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