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Friday, June 21, 2024

Berthoud Police Blotter: March 2021





March 1 – 7


Monday, March 1

Attempted Theft / Criminal Mischief: CR 14, someone attempted to steal the person’s license plate causing damage to their vehicle.

Fraud: Morey Court, a woman reported someone attempted open a credit account in her name. According to the credit company there have been several inquiries.

Assist to Fire: 5th Street & Spartan, a citizen reported heavy smoke coming from a residence in this area. Turns out someone was using their smoker on some meat. Firefighters said they would stay in case the fire got out of hand. Right! They stayed for the smoked meat.

Disturbance: 3800 Hwy 56, Loves was refusing service to a customer and an argument ensued. The argument was over the customer getting his jacket out of the truck in the bay. Staff then took off the new tire and put the old tire back on to refuse him service as a result. Nothing criminal. Customer agreed to pull his truck out and will call roadside services. I guess No Shirt, No Shoes No Jacket, No Service.

Tuesday, March 2

Theft: Meadowlark Drive, employees noticed one of their storage trailers was missing. The trailer was storing 18 of white round tables for events, two tubs of drapes, one tub of black fabric and a wheelchair ramp to load the items on/off the trailer with.

Mental Health Issue: E Indiana Avenue, a woman was found on the bathroom floor convulsing. Admitted to wanting to hurt herself, drinking alcohol and hairspray, and cutting herself. Transported to the hospital. Hairspray? Must have been a bad hair day.

Wednesday, March 3

Suspicious Circumstances: Lissa Drive, a male sitting in a vehicle parked the wrong way next to the school. Contact was made with a male who was arguing with his girlfriend earlier and was just “chillin” and will go back to the house and get his stuff and leave the state. I wish more people would just be “chillin”.

Thursday, March 4

Welfare Check / Assist Longmont PD: Mountain Avenue & 3rd Street, a 28-year-old transient was called in as a welfare check/alcohol contact. He was observed drinking beer and admitted to meth use. Not enough for a medical hold. Gave ride to bus stop.

Warrant Arrest: Meadowlark, a 36-year-old man was contacted and was found to have a warrant out of LCSO. Booked.

Friday, March 5

Stolen License Plate: 3800 E Hwy 56, a truck driver reported his license plate was taken off his truck overnight.

Vehicle Crash: Welch Avenue, a neighbor backing up ran into a truck that was parked behind them.

Saturday, March 6

DUI / Felony Warrant: Hwy 56, a 29-year-old woman was called in as a DUI report and contacted on Hwy 56. She admitted to drinking a bottle of vodka and driving but refused testing. She and her male passenger (who also had a warrant) were transported to the hospital due to extreme intoxication. Vodka: The Russian conspiracy to wipe us out.

Noise Complaint: Chokeberry Street, Neighbors are out on their back patio drinking and being loud.

Sunday, March 7

Harassment: Lissa Drive, a resident received harassing text messages from his boss in which he threatened bodily harm. Is getting a text from your wife the same thing as harassment from your boss?

Felony Warrants: Meadowlark Drive, a 34-year-old man was taken into custody for multiple warrants out of Larimer County. Booked.

Suspicious Circumstances: Godwit Drive, a resident reported two intoxicated men came to his door asking for law enforcement and was assaulted.

Unemployment Scams: Torrey Peak, Huppe Lane, Wilfred Road, Elmwood Street, Caballero, Omni Court, Gateway Park, Cedar Drive.

March 7 – 14

Monday, March 8

Follow Up / Warrant Arrest: CR17, contact was made with a 38-year-old man at his residence from an assault / Domestic Violence case from last night. The man was taken into custody per a signed warrant from this case. Booked.

Felony Warrant Arrest / 2 Misdemeanor Warrants: Meadowlark Drive, a resident was taken into custody for multiple warrants out of Larimer County. Booked.

Suspicious Circumstances: S. 3rd Street, a man called in and stated his friend had not returned home from a friend’s house after several hours. Deputies observed the woman’s vehicle parked in the driveway around 3:30 am and confirmed the woman returned home and was ok.

Vehicle Crash /Assist to State Patrol: I-25 (Berthoud Exit), CSP requested deputies assist with closing southbound lanes at the Berthoud exit due to an accident south of here. CSP then requested assistance searching the area for the male driver that fled on foot after the accident occurred. He was not located. Ah but wait, there’s more.

Tuesday, March 9

Warrant Arrest / Assist to State Patrol: 3800 E. Highway 56, deputies located the driver that fled from CSP and was contacted after he was determined to be the possible driver from the crash last night. He was found to have warrants, information for the crash was passed to CSP. Booked. What tipped us off you ask? Great detective work and OK maybe all the blood still on his face from the crash had something to do with it.

Vehicle Theft / Reckless Driving: 4th Street, a blue Subaru was stolen from this address and was quickly located on Highway 56 at Weld County Road 5. It was recklessly driving into oncoming traffic and passing vehicles illegally at a high rate of speed. No pursuit or stop was attempted for public safety reasons. The vehicle was last seen going south on I-25 from the Berthoud exit. Vehicle entered as stolen. Most vehicle thefts are cars warming up in the morning called puffing. Please don’t leave you running vehicle unoccupied.

Wednesday, March 10

Fictitious Plates: 2nd Street and/ Bunyan, a blue Ford F150 was parked unoccupied on the side of the road with fictitious plates that went to a white mustang. Plates seized and vehicle was tagged for 72 hours. 

Thursday, March 11

Vehicle Crash / Hit and Run: N. Berthoud Parkway and Woodcock Road, an RV pulling a trailer sideswiped another vehicle at the roundabout and kept driving.

Friday, March 12

Assist Longmont PD / Road Rage: Hwy 287, northbound a white Dodge Durango chasing an older Lexus, they’ve run 2 stop lights and drove into oncoming traffic. They are about 2 miles north of the Walmart in Longmont. Deputies located and contacted the vehicles. We then passed the buck; uh I mean we turned it over to Longmont PD.

Assault: CR 10E, a resident reported another resident pushed him from behind causing him to hit his head on the cabinets and giving him a shiner. Back in the day a good shiner carried bragging rights with it.

Saturday, March 13

Trespass / Theft / Obstructing / Possession of Schedule II Drugs / Warrant Arrest: Heron Lakes Parkway, a 33-year-old Byers, Colorado man was taking metal from a construction site. The man refused to identify himself. Resisted when detained. Booked on his warrant out of Ft. Collins. Summonsed on 2nd Trespass, Theft, Obstructing, Possession of Controlled Substance. Now he is claiming he is a Sovereign Citizen. There is only one that is Sovereign, and it isn’t you pal!

Suicide Threats: Greenwood Drive, a wallet belonging to resident was located at 7/11. Upon returning the property the man had made suicidal statements and admitted to having suicidal thoughts. He was transported to the hospital for further treatment. I guess losing your wallet can be pretty tragic especially if it comes to this.

Sunday, March 14

Record breaking snow fall in our area and still they had to go out onto the streets. Spent most of the day helping stranded motorists or moving tree branches off the road. Arizona sure looks good about this time of year.

Unemployment Scams: Mountain Avenue, 9th Street, Bristlecone Court, Grand Market, Chokeberry Street, Willow Drive, Ranchero Road, Martingale Drive. And the thieves keep trying.

March 15 – 21

Monday, March 15

Welfare Check: Woodcock Street, a man was contacted at home after being called in as suicidal from a chaplain friend. Co-Responders have a history with him as he has been suicidal since his wife died 2 years ago.

Felony DUI / Revoked License: Hwy 287 and Hwy 56, a 40-year-old Loveland woman was stopped in the lane of traffic. Deputy contacted her and found that she was revoked and had been drinking. She was arrested and booked.

Sex Assault / Invasion of Privacy for Sexual Gratification / Domestic Violence: Tristian Place, a woman reported numerous previous sexual assaults by her ex-husband.

Tuesday, March 16

Curfew Violation: Welch Ave. and Sioux Drive, a juvenile was contacted at this intersection and was found to be violating curfew ordinance. Summons issued and released to his mother. Mom, Dad where are your kids at night? The answer may scare you.

Wednesday, March 17

Civil Issue: Skimmer Street, a resident called to report threatening texts from another man regarding an active civil case.

Thursday, March 18

Theft: 3800 E Hwy 56, a person reported a male stole his phone. Believed to be another truck driver. Suspect is a white male, older, heavy set, with orange shirt suspenders and a salt and pepper beard. 

Vehicle Crash / Non-Injury: Berthoud Pkwy. / Rosewood St., a driver slid on ice and struck another vehicle. A song comes to mind, oh yea “slip sliding away”

DUI / Obstructing a Peace Officer: Bimson Street, a 35-year-old Longmont man was contacted as a drunk driver. When contacted he immediately became physically uncooperative upon advisement he was under arrest. Medically cleared, blood test, then booked uncooperative. Another song comes to mind, “I fought the law and the law won”. 

Friday, March 19

Stolen Vehicle / Gun: W CR14 Apartments, a resident reported his 2007 GMC Sierra was stolen sometime the night prior. Weld county had already recovered it that morning before he realized that it was stolen. The man had a gun and 2 loaded mags in the truck. The truck was returned, but the gun is still missing. Please, please, please do not leave valuables in your car and especially firearms.

Stolen Vehicle: W CR14 Apartments, another resident reported his Ford F250 was stolen sometime the night prior. It had been called in as suspicious and abandoned and towed earlier in the day. Similar MO to the other stolen vehicle at Apartments above. MO that’s cop talk for Method of Operation. We just love cop talk.

Saturday, March 20

Possession of Controlled Substance / Paraphernalia: Franklin Ave., a resident located 2.38 grams of methamphetamine, 2.5 Xanax pills and paraphernalia inside of a cooler at her residence. How it got there is still a mystery. You know I have no idea how my hand is in the cookie jar. I think it just fell in there.

Forgery / Criminal Impersonation: N 2nd Street, a dispensary staff member confiscated a fake Texas ID. Things may be bigger in Texas, but fake is fake pal!

Suspicious: Heron Lakes, neighbors reporting seeing a gray Suburban and 2 trucks driving slowly in the area (<5mph) at night. This area has been having more suspicious reports around the construction site lately with confirmed thefts.

Sunday, March 21

It was a quiet Sunday. And on the 7th day He rested.

Unemployment Scam: 6th Street, Blue Mountain Road, Arapahoe Avenue, Mountain Avenue, Megan Way, Sioux Drive, WCR 46, 5th Street, Tabor Street

March 22 – 28

Monday, March 22

Fraud: Sugarloaf Road, a resident reported last year in June he received a message on his computer that his computer was in jeopardy from someone claiming to work for Microsoft. He called the number and spoke to someone who had a thick accent, said that he needed $399.99 to fix the problem. He sent an electronic check to the man. The scammer called two more times each time asking for more money and the resident sent it to him. He is now out over $3500. Scam me once, shame on you. Scam me twice or even three times, shame on me! If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a million times, do not send money to anyone asking you to. DON’T BE A VICTIM.

Tuesday, March 23

Careless Driving / Verbal Disturbance: Massachusetts Ave, a parent caused a disturbance at Turner School after the Principal told her that her child needed to wear a mask to enter the building. She then drove off crashing through cones lodging a cone under her vehicle. Summonsed. Services for the cones will be announced at a later date.

Family Problems: Tipton Street, a man and woman are going through a bitter divorce. The man said that she has his ID that was delivered to the house because he has an app that said it was delivered. The woman said that she left all his mail on the counter for him to pick up and she doesn’t know anything about an ID. Is there an App out there that can fix relationships?

Wednesday, March 24

Warrant Arrest: 4th Street, a woman reported she was in a verbal disturbance with her boyfriend.

Identity Theft / Possible Mental Health Issues: Hubbell Street, a resident reported an unknown suspect charged $198 on her credit card in late 2020. She also made statements that her roommate and her boyfriend are tracking her phones, her vehicle, and hacking her bank accounts. 

Mental Health Hold: Massachusetts Ave., a young girl advising she was suicidal to a school counselor. Interview verified and student’s Mother was notified.

Thursday, March 25

Harassment / Domestic Violence: Hollberry Street, a man pushed a woman into a door after an argument. Booked.

Fraud: Breckenridge Drive, a resident had over $9000 charged to her credit card from Wayfair for electric tankless water heaters and other plumbing supplies. Items were supposed to be sent to Ft. Collins. No unit number or name. Investigation is ongoing. Sometimes our job is tankless too.

Friday, March 26

Warrant Arrest: Meadowlark Drive, a 22-year-old Sterling, Colorado woman, was booked on a warrant for vehicle theft and vehicular eluding after she was contacted by Longmont PD.

Family Problems / Possible Harassment / Domestic Violence: 4th Street, a resident reported her Ex-boyfriend was in her apartment. Both have residence there and were both recently given eviction notices. She then made claims of a physical assault that occurred the night before. Parties separated for the night and DA screening pending.

Saturday, March 27

Drugs / Search Warrant: Canyonlands Street, a resident reported a possible burglary which turned out to be his soon-to-be ex-wife. She was having the home tested for meth and observed meth and drug paraphernalia inside. Search warrant sought to collect evidence. Investigation continues. H*ll hath no fury like a woman scorned.

DUI -Drugs / Criminal Impersonation / Possession of Marijuana by Underage Person / Warrant: CR 14, a 19-year-old Loveland man was contacted for equipment violation. Throughout the contact he gave two names, an incorrect spelling of his name, and a social security number that was not his. He was DUI and in possession of marijuana concentrate. Booked.

Sunday, March 28

Suspicious Circumstances: Mountain Avenue, while getting gear from his patrol car an unknown man walking dog asked if we carried decibel meters in our vehicles. The deputy told him that we did not. He then became enraged and yelled at the deputy that people can just have however loud of a muffler that they want but when it “comes out of my f***ing mouth, that’s when you have a problem.” The deputy advised him he had no idea what he was talking about and then he walked away. I bet if we had a foul mouth meter it would have blew-up with this guy.

March 29 – 31

Monday, March 29

Vehicle Trespass/Resisting Arrest: 1st Street, a 24-year-old transient was subject to contact by the night patrol and refused to identify himself. He was called in again not wearing shoes and looking around into vehicles. The man was contacted inside a vehicle that did not belong to him at this address. He decided to resist and fought with deputies, but he was taken into custody and booked.

Underage Possession of Marijuana: Massachusetts Ave, a student was observed during lunch with marijuana. Summonsed. Just think, if Senate Bill 21-182 gets approved students smoking pot on school grounds will be legal and SRO’s and school staff can not do anything about it. Go to: Https://leg.colorado.gov/sites/default/files/documents/2021A/bills/2021a_182_01.pdf and go down to Section 6. I call this the “Bully’s Freedom Act”

Mental Health Hold: Berthoud, a 25-year-old man admitted to taking cocaine and made several statements about wanting to hurt himself. Voluntarily agreed to go for a hold. 

Harassment: Ellie Way, a woman kept calling the family of her boyfriend. She was told to stop calling. And no, she is not in middle school even though she’s acting like it.

Tuesday, March 30

Warrant Arrest: Spartan Ave. & 10th Street, a 32-year-old man was contacted on a welfare check and booked on warrant for a sex offense.

Harassment: W CR10E, a man pushed another against a door after a verbal. Repeated issues with this man doing this to the other guy. Booked.

Criminal Mischief: Wagon Bend Road, a resident reported that when she went to her car, she discovered her back window broken out on her car.

Wednesday, March 31

Forgery: 2nd Street, BER- Two fake ID’s passed at one of the dispensaries. One suspect possibly was identified. 


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