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Sunday, June 23, 2024

Berthoud Police Blotter: April 2021





April 1- 4

Thursday, April 1

Vehicle Crash / Hit & Run: E. Colorado Avenue. A resident reported someone ran into his truck causing damage to his truck and pushing it into a van causing more damage. Blue parts of the hit-car were left, and part numbers come back to a 2014-2015 Mercedes Benz C-250 or 350 but with severe right front damage. Mercedes? This is not going to be a cheap fix. Karma!

Lost Firearm: Berthoud, a resident lost his black .308 Ruger LCP somewhere in Berthoud or Loveland. Only one thing to say; “Son of a gun, well shoot!”

 Mail Theft: E. Colorado Avenue, a resident reported medication missing from an opened piece of mail and checks which were stolen multiple months ago. Follow up with Postal Inspector.

Friday, April 2

Harassment: Longs Peak Ave., a resident reported ex-girlfriend has been harassing him via text and making spoofed numbers to do it. Really!? She was a day late from April Fool’s Day with spoofed numbers.

Vehicle Crash-Non-Injury: Hwy 287 & W CR 8, a driver rear-ended another vehicle.

Suicidal Threats: Berthoud, a resident called 911 saying he was suicidal. History of suicidal thoughts since his wife passed about a year ago.  

Fictitious License Plate: Woodcock Street, Fictitious Temporary Colorado License Plate was displayed on a Black spray-can-painted Honda Civic parked in front of this address. Temp Tag was seized. Instead of paying high prices for a new paint job, Krylon paint, the colors of the stars are also colors for the cars.

Saturday, April 3

Scam-eBay Motors: 1st Street, a resident was taken for at least $4800 in attempting to purchase a vehicle from eBay motors.

Protection Order Violation / Resisting: W CR10E. a resident violated a protection order with another man. Upon contact, he ran but was apprehended. Booked.

Stolen Plate: Berthoud Peak Drive, a rear plate stolen overnight off a vehicle.

Assist Johnstown PD: Canyonlands Street & Lene Lane., assisted Johnstown PD by locating a vehicle that we tagged as abandoned on 04/02/21. Johnstown PD responded to process the vehicle for an active case. 

Vehicle Crash-Non-Injury: Hwy 287 / Berthoud Parkway, a three vehicle T-bone crash. The main crasher was summonsed. 

Road Rage: Berthoud Parkway & Hwy 287, a driver reported a known driver side swiped her vehicle after a road rage incident. Further investigation revealed no contact was made between the vehicles. Both parties educated about bad decision making and false reporting. 

Sunday, April 4

Vehicle Crash Hit and Run: 7th Street, a resident reported an unknown suspect vehicle hit her vehicle on the night of 04/02/21. The suspect vehicle should have front end damage and possibly gold colored paint transfer. I can fix the paint damage; I have spray paint.

April 5 – 11

Monday, April 5

Recovered Stolen Vehicle: 4th Street, a stolen vehicle from this case was recovered in Lakewood on 04/03/21 and towed. Deputy responded to Lakewood to process the vehicle. Suspect wrote on the vehicle the names “Nikki and Alyssa” bragging that they stole the vehicle. 

Fatal Vehicle Crash: S. 1st Street and E. Nebraska Ave, a man on a motorcycle was southbound on 1st Street and left the roadway, striking a mailbox cluster. The male did not survive the crash.

Tuesday, April 6

Trespass / Suspicious Circumstances: Riverview Drive, a resident reported a female, blonde, approximately 40 years of age driving an older blue or green dodge caravan was parked in his detached garage when he came home. She claimed to be with senior home care, but he was not expecting anyone. The Female was barefoot and left in the vehicle prior to law enforcement being called. It could have been the Barefoot Contessa, or maybe not.

Wednesday, April 7

Mental Health Hold: Barella Drive, a young girl tried jumping off the bridge over Hwy 287 intending to kill herself. Mother responded to the scene. She was transported to the hospital.

Criminal Mischief: Welch Avenue, a resident reported his truck window smashed out sometime this afternoon.

Assault / Violation of a Protection Order: 2nd Street, a 23-year-old woman punched her mother in the face which also violated the protection order. The woman began to resist but came to her senses and eventually cooperated. Booked. This is about the umpteenth time we arrested her for the same thing.

Vehicle Crash / Non-Injury: Hwy 56, a car was driving westbound and passed a car driving in front of her. She had her cell phone open and connected to a magnetic holder on the dash with maps function open and slammed on her brakes to turn left and turned in front of a truck hitting her broadside.

Thursday, April 8

Burglary: 2nd Street, a storage unit had its lock removed and items stolen.

Suspicious Circumstances: Welch and 8th Street, a group of boys were seen checking mailboxes as they went by. Four kids were contacted and said one of the kids slapped a mailbox when he went by but did not open it. Counseled.

Friday, April 9

Water Rescue: Berthoud Reservoir, a caller stated that they believe there is someone in the water and there is a capsized boat. Turns out what they saw was a log in the water. The log will be OK just suffering from being waterlogged is all.

Business Assist / Harassment: Mountain Avenue, a male keeps calling the business saying someone stole $100 from his debit card. Deputy spoke to the man and he was worked up. He said he only called 4 times and she hung up on him. He said that he wanted to dispute a $100 charge. Deputy told him to call the corporate office and stop calling here. To quote Columbo: “I’m hanging up. You can keep on talkin but I’m hanging up”.

Saturday, April 10

Suspicious Circumstances: two stepsons that came back from their mom’s today – one said he saw inappropriate sexual videos of his mom on his cell phone that he has while he is at his mom’s in Greeley. Referred to Greeley P.D. That’s one image you just can’t get rid of no matter how hard you try.

Horsing Around: 4th Street and CR 10E, a caller reported seeing a white horse with a saddle on with no rider. He was returned to the owner. A fiery horse with the speed of light, a cloud of dust and a hearty “Hi Ho Silver!” Nope it was not the Lone Ranger’s horse.

Sunday, April 11

Assist on Dive Call / Missing Person: Carter Lake South Shore, a kayak was observed near the west bank near the south shore overturned. A dog was located on the west bank with a life vest on and appeared to be lost. The dog had a collar identifying the owner for a Loveland man. Search is ongoing at this time.

April 12 – 18

Monday, April 12

Found Property: 1st Street – Multiple license plates were found in an empty field, some of which were reported as stolen.

Forgery: Mountain Avenue – Female used counterfeit $20 bills for payment at business.

Tuesday, April 13

Unemployment Scam: Berthoud – Female received a letter about an unemployment claim filed in her name, which she did not do. Advised to file a fraud report with the Colorado Department of Labor and contact credit bureaus advising of the fraud.

Vehicle Trespass: Curlew Drive – Vehicle entered and iPad was stolen.

Wednesday, April 14

Nothing of Significance to Note

Thursday, April 15

Harassment: Lene Lane – Female reported her ex has been harassing her via phone communication. Warrant issued for substantiated charges.

Domestic Violence: 6th Street – Male arrested for harassment and domestic violence charges after pushing his ex-girlfriend.

Cold Theft: West County Road 10E – Front and rear license plate stolen from a truck.

Warrant Arrest: 2nd Street – Female arrested for a Felony Warrant.

Hit and Run Motor Vehicle Accident: 42nd Street SW- Female driver struck by an older Honda Civic at the intersection. Suspect driver continued southbound and did not stop.

Friday, April 16

Unemployment Scam: Berthoud – Male received a letter about an unemployment claim filed in his name, which he did not do. Advised to file a fraud report with the Colorado Department of Labor and contact credit bureaus advising of the fraud.

Possible Theft: Kansas Avenue – Three vehicle titles were reported as missing.

Saturday, April 17

Nothing of Significance to Note

Sunday, April 18

Found Property: North Berthoud Parkway – Two vending machine coin boxes were found abandoned on the shore of Loveland Reservoir. One has significant pry damage, only one quarter remained. No reports of damaged coin machines in Berthoud.

April 19 – 25

Monday, April 19

Vehicle Trespass: Bowen Lane., a resident reported this past weekend his vehicle being entered and a set of keys to lock boxes, toolbox, and trailer stolen.

Tuesday, April 20

SCAM: Longs Peak Avenue, a resident reported her computer being hacked and she was scammed out of $1,500 by purchasing gift cards for someone stating he was an employee of Amazon.

Vehicle Crash Injury: 1100 Blk of 1st Street, a truck driver lost control of his delivery van on the rapidly melting ice and the van rolled on its side and he complained of head, neck, and back pain.

Warrant (M) / Family Problems: Willow Drive, a 25-year-old woman was detoxing, and her father called to say she was out of control and suicidal. Booked on one of her warrants.

Suicide Attempt: Berthoud, a distraught man tried to commit suicide by stabbing himself repeatedly. Transported by ambulance.

Vehicle Theft: Wagon Bend Road, a resident reported his flatbed trailer was stolen from his driveway this night.

Wednesday, April 21

Trespass and Possible Theft Attempt: Harebell Street, someone drove a vehicle and pulling a trailer onto a muddy field possibly trying to get to new wood stacked there. The vehicle got stuck and to get out they had to leave the trailer behind.

Vehicle Crash/Non-Injury: Berthoud Pkwy / Woodcock St., a driver passed a semi-truck while he was taking both lanes to make the roundabout. Trailer went up and over the car.

Vehicle Crash/Hit and Run: Mountain Ave, a driver reported her vehicle was sideswiped by an unknown suspect vehicle while she was in the store.

Restraining Order Violation: Lene Lane, a woman reported her ex-husband called their daughter’s iPad, possibly in violation of a newly issued protection order.

Thursday, April 22

Mental Health Hold: Woodcock Street, a resident called 9-1-1 Dispatch and said, “he has had it, can’t handle being alone anymore”. He was taken by ambulance to the hospital on a voluntary mental transport.

Suspicious Circumstances: 1st Street, a man reported that another man worked on his restored 1974 El Camino for paint warranty repair but damaged it causing the engine to not work and he also sold parts off the vehicle and placed other parts back on. 

Friday, April 23

Possession of Meth with Intent to Distribute: Welch Ave, 3 people were contacted on a traffic stop after where they may have been involved in a drug deal. Search of the vehicle subsequent to a K9 sniff yielded 460.20g of meth and 101 fentanyl pills. All parties booked.

Saturday, April 24

Warrant Arrest: 1st Street and Water Avenue, a 52-year-old man was contacted for a traffic violation and found to have a warrant for his arrest.

Theft: S. CR19, a resident witnessed three juvenile males get out of a truck at this intersection. The juvenile males then attached a tow strap to the stop sign pulling it out of the ground. The juvenile males took the stop sign and placed it in the truck bed.

Sunday, April 25

Vehicle Crash/Private Property: Mountain Avenue, an unknown suspect backed into another vehicle.

Restraining Order Violation: 1st Street, a 32-year-old Longmont man was contacted for violating a protection order and found to be under the influence of and in possession of drugs and alcohol. 

April 26 – April 30

Monday, April 26

Sexual Exploitation of a Child: Berthoud, the parents of a young child were sent a cell phone recording of their child dancing in a sexually suggestive manner. The recording was allegedly taken by a cousin. Investigations notified.

Tuesday, April 27

Criminal Mischief: Mountain Avenue, a man reported that his vehicle was keyed on Sunday while he was teaching a class.

Wednesday, April 28

Assist to Fire: W. CR8, deputies responded and assisted Berthoud Fire with a home that was fully engulfed.

Assist other Agency / Warrant Arrest: 1st Street, a 38-year-old man was contacted at the request of Jefferson County S.O. for a domestic violence investigation with a fresh arrest warrant. Booked

Thursday, April 29

Vehicle Theft: Page Place, a resident left his vehicle unattended and running. A thief needs 3 things for the “crime triangle”: The opportunity, the means & the desire. Please remove the opportunity it’s the one thing we can change.

Friday, April 30

Suspicious Circumstance: 7th Street, a resident reported his vehicle was missing a $30 trailer hitch. He also reported his door handle and window had pry marks and thinks someone tried to break into it.

Harassment: Mountain Avenue, a 59-year-old Berthoud man was contacting current employers of former employees of the Thompson Valley School District making false accusations about crimes.

Warrant Arrest: CR14, a 20-year-old man was contacted for his 6 arrest warrants. On top of that, a Meth/Pipe was found during search. 

Suspicious Circumstances: E. Hwy 56, a man purchased a trailer from another earlier today. The other man originally offered the trailer for $5,000 however they agreed on $1,000. The trailer is more than likely stolen however the VIN number is not clear to read off the trailer and a stamped VIN was not located.


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