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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Berthoud Police Blotter: May 2021

May 1-2

Saturday, May 1

Unsafe Lane Change / Eluding: CR.8, a 17-year-old male was contacted on a traffic stop for speeding and unsafe passing. After the male provided documentation for the vehicle he drove away from the stop after asking if he would receive the citation. The male was followed and contacted again less than a quarter mile away at his house and detained. Summonsed and released to an authorized guardian.

DUI / Reckless Driving / Failure Report Accident / Minor in Possession: Berthoud, an 18-year-old man was contacted after being reported as a drunk driver due to him hitting a wheelbarrow and nearly striking a pedestrian. Refused roadsides, chose blood. 

DUI / Reckless Endangerment / Open Container: Mountain Avenue, a 24-year-old man was called in as a possible drunk driver. He was contacted and taken into custody. Booked. Deputies were notified that Weld County was investigating a separate case involving this man. Weld County Deputies responded to the stop location and issued him a summons for their case.

DUI: 1000 Blk N Hwy 287, a 42-year-old man was contacted passed out inside his vehicle on the side of the highway. Booked.

Sunday, May 2

Hit and Run: Welch Avenue, new owners of the car wash found their garage door and wash machine damaged. Investigation revealed that a vehicle struck it and took off. Suspect was identified.

Vehicular Eluding: Aspen Drive & Longs Peak Avenue, a silver Saturn Ion with no plates was called in as a suspicious vehicle circling the area for an extended period of time. Deputies Located the vehicle and attempted to contact the vehicle. The silver Saturn Ion took off as Deputies were approaching. Deputies initiated a traffic pursuit and the vehicle traveled down 4th Street. The vehicle pursuit was terminated for public safety reasons.

Suspicious Abandoned Vehicle: S. 5th Street, a silver Saturn Ion with no plates was called in as a suspicious vehicle. The homeowner at this location observed a male circling the Saturn Ion going through the trunk and engine area of the vehicle. When deputies arrived at the location the vehicle was unoccupied and cleared the vehicle. The resident told Deputies that shortly before they had arrived the male left on foot traveling southeast of the location. Berthoud Squad K9 Taz alerted to the vehicle. During the vehicle search Deputies located a large amount of cash, a loaded AK-47, and drugs. Investigation continues.

DUI / Careless Driving / Motor Vehicle Accident: N Berthoud Parkway & Grand Market Avenue, a 64-year-old man drove his car across the center median before the roundabout. The vehicle was inoperable and towed. Failed roadsides and booked.

May 3 – 9

Monday, May 3

Unemployment Scam: Grand Market Ave. – Individual received a letter about an unemployment claim, which the individual did not file. Advised to file a fraud report with the Colorado Department of Labor and to contact credit bureaus advising of the fraud.

Motor Vehicle Accident / DUI: N. Berthoud Pkwy / Grand Market Ave. – Single vehicle accident, no injuries. The driver failed roadside maneuvers and the standardized field sobriety tests were not satisfactorily completed as compared to a sober person. The driver was booked after being medically cleared.

Vehicle Trespass: Tristan Pl. – Unlocked vehicle was entered and ransacked. Unknown suspect attempted to unsuccessfully steal the vehicle as the steering column was taken apart.

Tuesday, May 4

Warrant Arrest / Assist Other Agency: Wagon Bend Rd.- At the request of Longmont PD, deputies to contact an attempted homicide suspect at this address. The Male was taken into custody with no issues.

Unemployment Scam: Burbank St. – Individual received a letter about an unemployment claim, which the individual did not file. Advised to file a fraud report with the Colorado Department of Labor and to contact credit bureaus advising of the fraud.

Vehicle Theft / Vehicle Recovery: Big Thunder Rd. – Vehicle was stolen and credit cards within the vehicle were attempted to be used. The vehicle later located, abandoned on the street of the original location after a neighbor spotted the missing vehicle.

Burglary: Versaw Ct.- Unknown suspect gained access through an unlocked window located in the back of a residence and stole repair tools.

Wednesday, May 5

Criminal Mischief / Obstruction of Telephone Service: Bunyan Ave. – Male was in a verbal disturbance with his fiancée in the parking lot. Male took and smashed the female’s phone, then slashed a tire on her car. Victim Rights Advocates notified.

Hit and Run: 950 Massachusetts Ave. – Juvenile was riding her bike on the sidewalk on the way to school and while crossing the intersection at 8th Street and Massachusetts Avenue going westbound, a gold or white vehicle that she described as a van or a SUV hit her on her right side and the right side of her bike. Juvenile stated that the vehicle had slowed down before it hit thebicycle and the juvenile did not fall off the bike. The juvenile sustained a minor scrape on the leg. Driver unknown.

Hit and Run: Massachusetts Ave. – Vehicle parked in a parking lot overnight was struck, sustaining minor damage. A neighbor witnessed the accident and the at-fault driver left the scene without leaving contact information or notifying law enforcement.

Thursday, May 6

Suicide Attempt / Mental Health Hold: Berthoud – Juvenile female was reported by a motorist after she was seen sitting on the overpass railing. She admitted to feeling suicidal. Placed on Mental Health Hold. SRO notified.

Cold Theft: Cold River Rd. – Home builder reported $1188 worth of construction materials were stolen from the job site. A white, late-model Ford Taurus was reported by a neighbor during an area canvass as a possible suspect vehicle – the driver is known to cruise the area after sunset and dumpster dive.

Friday, May 7

Criminal Mischief: S HWY 287 – An unknown person cut a chain and opened the canal gate near a residence. This caused water to back up and flooded the basement of the residence.

Motor Vehicle Accident: HWY 287/ Berthoud Pkwy – Vehicle was in the left turn lane for northbound Berthoud Parkway when the driver took a wide turn and sideswiped another vehicle. No injuries. Summons issued.

Saturday, May 8

Recovered Stolen Vehicle: Springhill Rd – A spray-painted 97, 2-door, gray Honda Civic was dumped on Springhill Road. The vehicle was reported stolen out of Longmont. The vehicle originally was red. Interior was destroyed with multiple removed/missing items.

Assist Other Agency: Mountain Ave. & Berthoud Pkwy. – Longmont Police Department (LPD) pursued a silver Audi driven by a suspect who had menaced an LPD officer with a firearm. LPD asked for assistance as the vehicle entered Larimer County. Deputies assisted with the high risk stop when the suspect pulled over at this location.

Suspicious Circumstances: Petrel Dr. – Resident reported a security camera caught an unknown party riding a possible BMX style bike with light-colored wheels and tires down the street at approximately 0520 hours. The party appears to check the door handles of a neighbor’s Dodge Ram parked in the street. Other nearby residents posted similar footage on Facebook. Party appears to be wearing all black and a hoodie that is covering their head.

Sunday, May 9

Traffic Pursuit / DUI: Heron Lakes Pkwy. – Vehicle fled after LCSO attempted contact, short pursuit was initiated when the male driver of the fleeing vehicle parked inside a garage of a residence. The male was taken into custody after physically fighting with law enforcement. Charges include Driving Under the Influence, Resisting Arrest, and 2nd Degree Assault on a Peace Officer.

Assist Other Agency: Massachusetts Ave. – Female was staying with in-laws at this location called to report an assault that had occurred in Eaton. Deputies responded to handle the call and assist Eaton PD with their investigation.

May 10 – 16

Monday, May 10

Attempted Burglary: Heron Lake Pkwy. – Construction site trailer door forcibly broken with tools scattered outside the trailer. It also appeared that an unknown person attempted to hotwire a skid loader located on the same site. Occurred sometime over the weekend. No suspect information.

Vehicle Trespass x 2: Cheyenne Dr. – Male left his van unlocked and tools were stolen. His tool bag was recovered next to another victim vehicle at 10th and Navajo Pl. That window was smashed, and a radar detector was taken. No serial numbers on the stolen property.

Criminal Mischief / Attempted Vehicle Theft: Woodcock St. – An unknown suspect cut the lock and sprocket of a dirt bike in an attempt to steal it. Skateboard was possibly left behind by the suspect. While on this call, multiple residents reported suspicious people that have been caught on cameras in the neighborhood scouting out vehicles.

Shoplifting: E Hwy 56 – An unknown suspect stole $100 worth of items from the Loves Travel Center.

Tuesday, May 11

Found Missing Person / Mental Health: 1st St. – Missing female contacted after neighbors called about a disturbance. Mental health co-responders consulted with family and missing person entry removed.

Motor Vehicle Accident: Berthoud Pkwy. & Woodcock St. – Vehicle was hit by another vehicle in the roundabout causing minor damage. Information exchanged and a verbal warning given.

Wednesday, May 12

Theft: Blue Bell Rd. – Home builder reported ongoing construction supply theft from the development. Builders noticed security cameras are getting unplugged during the day. New homeowners reported seeing a white pickup truck with a flatbed trailer in the area during the evenings.

Theft: 2nd St. – Male reported both front and rear plates stolen approximately 0006 hours. Ring video clip sent, only shows the back of the party. Possible male, black hoodie.

Mental Health Hold: 1st St. – Female was called in by family and neighbors as acting “psychotic” in front of the house. Female walked away and was contacted by the LCSO mental health co-responder unit about ¾ mile from her home. After lots of negotiation, the female agreed to go to the hospital for a mental health hold.

Thursday, May 13

Fraud: 9th St – Female called to report attempted activity on an expired credit card. Female was not out any money.

Found Property: Mountain Ave – Empty Dooney and Bourke women’s wallet found. No identifying information located.

Friday, May 14

Harassment / 2nd Degree Assault / Domestic Violence: E Iowa Ave – Male grabbed his wife by the collar of her shirt and yelled in her face then choked her following an argument. Booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Trespass: 3800 E Hwy 56 – Two individuals were issued trespass notices from the Love’s Travel Center at the request of staff due to them sleeping in a fenced-off area used for tire storage.

Unattended Death: Woodcock St – An elderly male was found deceased in his home after recently being put on hospice care.

DUI / Driving Under Revocation: Hwy 56/WCR 7 – Female driver was called in as a Report Every Drunk Driver Immediately (REDDI) after erratic driving. Female failed roadsides and elected a blood test. Issued a summons and released, as the Weld County Jail is not currently accepting DUI arrests. Thank you to Weld County Sheriff’s Office for sending deputies to back officers on scene.

Saturday, May 15

Assist to Colorado State Patrol (CSP) / Motor Vehicle Accident: CR12 – Female was involved in a motorcycle accident and transported full trauma to hospital. CSP investigated the crash and deputies closed CR12 down for several hours.

A special thanks to our Larimer County Sheriff ’s Office School Resource Officers, who helped to maintain a safe and successful Berthoud High School Prom night!

Sunday, May 16

Aggravated Motor Vehicle Theft: Candy Ct – Female reported that her friend did not return her vehicle as agreed. A stolen vehicle waiver was signed and the vehicle entered as stolen.

Mental Health: Berthoud – Juvenile male was placed on a mental health hold at the hospital after making suicidal statements to his family.

May 17 – 23

Monday, May 17

Motor Vehicle Accident: S Hwy 287 –  Single vehicle motor vehicle accident. 

Motor Vehicle Accident: Berthoud Pkwy / Grand Market Av – A vehicle struck the vehicle in front of it while following too closely in the roundabout after the lead vehicle stopped for no apparent reason. No injuries.

Theft: Buckskin Rd – Over $1900 of lumber was stolen from a construction site over the weekend. 

Tuesday, May 18

Suspicious Circumstances: Hwy 56 / CR 13 – Male reported his passenger window was shattered. The male saw a flash to the north but no noise just prior to the window breaking with a definite point of impact on the window. 

Dog Bite: 4th St – Female was bit by one of her own dogs when they began to fight each other. 

Overdose: Berthoud -Juvenile overdosed on Xanax at her friend’s house. The juvenile transported to the hospital and the Northern Colorado Drug Task Force was notified.

Death: Charro Ave – Adult female became unresponsive after returning home from a road trip with her husband. The female was pronounced deceased by paramedics on the scene. Nothing suspicious was observed, and female had an extensive medical history. 

Wednesday, May 19

Warrant Arrest: Berthoud Pkwy & CR 14 – Man was arrested for three outstanding warrants after being stopped for a traffic infraction. 

Thursday, May 20

Motor Vehicle Accident: Berthoud Pkwy & Hwy 287 – A vehicle ran a red light at this intersection, striking another vehicle. Summons issued. 

Theft of Mail: Ponderosa Rd – Resident reported a package was stolen from mailbox. USPS verified the package was delivered. 

Friday, May 21

Theft / Financial Crimes: Mountain Ave. – Female employee had her purse stolen through the open back door of a business. The suspect used the victim’s credit cards for purchases in Longmont.

Warrant Arrests / Assist to Longmont Police Department: While on the above call getting video footage, a male was contacted shoplifting. He attempted to run from loss prevention agents and was armed with a knife. He was stopped and arrested by a deputy. The male was found to have 13 warrants, he was transported to the Larimer County Jail. Summonsed for shoplifting by Longmont Police Department.

Saturday, May 22

Curfew Violation: Berthoud – Four juveniles were in a neighborhood ding dong ditching. They decided to come back a third time and were met by deputies. All four juveniles were issued curfew tickets and released to their parents. 

Sunday, May 23

Motor Vehicle Accident: 3rd St./Mountain Ave. – Driver backed a vehicle into another vehicle, causing minor damage, no injuries.

Mental Health Hold: Franklin Ave. – An adult male was contacted during a disturbance and possible domestic violence call, with his wife. No probable cause for domestic violence; however, the male was transported to the hospital for a mental health hold. 

May 24 – 30

Monday, May 24

Violation of a Protection Order x 5 / 2nd Degree Criminal Tampering / Harassment: WCR14 – A male went to a female’s house in violation of a protection order. He tore her temp tag off on 05/23/21 and returned it on 05/24/21. Warrant Issued.

Possession of Controlled Substances & Drug Paraphernalia: 1st St. / Tavner Ct – Female was contacted passed out behind the wheel of her vehicle with a package of .42 grams of methamphetamine in her hand. The female also had a glass pipe on her person that she had hidden until arriving at the jail. Booked into the Larimer County Jail. 

Tuesday, May 25

Driving Under the Influence: Mountain Ave. – Male walked into a bank and appeared to be having a medical episode. He showed signs of alcohol use and admitted to drinking too much and driving to the bank. He was transported to the hospital for chest pains, summons issued.

Criminal Mischief: S. 8th St. – Resident reported that his van had the window shattered in the afternoon. No suspect information at this time. 

Wednesday, May 26

Unattended Death: Bruce Dr. – Female was called in for a welfare check. She was observed down and forced entry made. Obviously deceased and nothing suspicious. The coroner responded and animal control responded for her cat.

Motor Vehicle Theft: Welch Ave. – Male reported his silver 2003 Suzuki SV1000 Motorcycle was stolen between 2030 hours on 05/26/21 and 0045 hours on 05/27/21. After a canvas of the neighborhood, the motorcycle was located on 5th St. and Bimson Ave. between two sheds next to the baseball fields. The motorcycle was processed for fingerprints and evidence.

Motor Vehicle Accident: N. Hwy 287 – Vehicle hit an elk, causing minor front-end damage and a shattered windshield. 

Thursday, May 27

Aggravated Motor Vehicle Theft: Sioux Dr. – Vehicle left unlocked with a key in the console. An unknown suspect stole the vehicle. 

Felony DUI / Drove When License Restrained for Alcohol Offenses: 4th St. / Massachusetts Ave. – After observing a male leave a business it was discovered his license status was revoked for three alcohol convictions and he failed voluntary roadside maneuvers. Booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Friday, May 28

Trespass / Theft: Bimson Ave. – Male reported a group of juveniles entered his yard overnight and stole several longboards.  The total value of the stolen property is $800.  The victim has video surveillance, investigation ongoing. 

2nd Degree Assault / Prohibited Use of a Firearm / Domestic Violence: Douglas Pl.  – Female reported her husband slapped and choked her, in addition to putting a pistol to her head. He reportedly had an AR15 and said he would have a shootout with law enforcement if she called them.  The male was arrested and booked at the Larimer County Jail

Detox Hold: Welch Ave. – Female was called in as possibly intoxicated as she could not stand up straight and was falling off to one side or the other. The female was located and was extremely intoxicated. She was taken to the hospital.

Harassment:  2nd St. – Male had punched a store employee after the male became upset about the credit card machine not functioning at the business. The male was contacted by the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office, driving his golf cart on Highway 287 and Sunset Ct. and subsequently he was booked uncooperative. 

Saturday, May 29

Motor Vehicle Accident / Felony Possession of a Controlled Substance / Driving Under the Influence of Drugs: Hwy 287 / Hwy 56 – Male driver rear-ended another vehicle. 11 grams of methamphetamine and marijuana located in the vehicle. The driver failed roadside maneuvers and was booked at the Larimer County Jail after submitting to a blood test.

Disturbing the Peace: 6th St. – Birthday celebration at residence resulted in several complaints and verbally warned to quiet down. Male was issued a municipal summons after the second response to his residence.

Sunday, May 30

Motor Vehicle Accident with Injuries: CR 8 / Meadowlark Dr – Male was riding his motorcycle during the Realities Ride for Children and hit road debris. Suffered a possible head injury and shoulder injury. 

Vehicle Theft / Felony Eluding / Motor Vehicle Accident: Ellie Wy. – Resident called to advise that his vehicle was stolen from his garage.  The door was mistakenly left open overnight and the keys were kept in the garage.  Deputy spotted similar vehicle tail lights leaving town eastbound on Hwy 56.  The vehicle fled when the stop was attempted at Weld CR7 and Hwy 56.  The driver lost control of the vehicle shortly after on Hwy 56 on the east side of the I-25 overpass.  The suspect was transported to the hospital for injuries.  

May 31

Monday, May 31

Vehicle Theft/Pursuit: Ellie Way, a resident reported his silver Infinity as stolen. Deputies were responding to his residence to gather further information when they observed a vehicle that appeared to be the same vehicle that was reported stolen. Deputies caught up to the vehicle and attempted a traffic stop with the vehicle. The vehicle passed another vehicle and accelerated. A pursuit was initiated and continued east on Highway 56. The silver Infinity lost control after the I-25 overpass and had gone off the north side of the road where it crashed. The suspect was transported to Medical Center of The Rockies due to injuries sustained from the accident. 


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