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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Berthoud Police Blotter: January 2016

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Provided by
James Anderson
Patrol Sergeant: Berthoud Squad


Friday, January 1, 2016

Assist to Ft. Collins PD: 300 block of Turner Avenue, a 59-year-old man was taken into custody on Fort Collins Police Services charges.

Saturday, January 2

Driving Under the Influence of Drugs: Hwy 287 & CR17, an 18-year-old woman was arrested for Driving while under the influence of drugs (marijuana). Marijuana is legal in the State of Colorado but driving high is not!

Suspicious Incident: 800 block of Longview Avenue, a resident thought she heard what sounded like a bomb going off followed by gunshots. Deputies searched the area and did not locate any damage or evidence of an explosion.

Driving while License Revoked: CR17 and Hwy 287, a 40-year-old man was arrested for driving while his license was revoked

Driving while License Revoked: Hwy 287 at mile marker 323, a 29-year-old man was arrested for driving while his license was revoked.

Driving while License Revoked: Hwy 287 & CR17, a 28-year-old woman was arrested for driving while her license was revoked.

Sunday, January 3

Racing / Speeding: Hwy 287 at mile marker 327, two women drivers were stopped for speeding, 72 mph in a posted 55 mph zone.

Monday, January 4

Business Assist: 100 block of Mountain Avenue, a former employee came in today and caused a scene when he turned in his keys.

Vehicle Crash Non-Injury: 300 block of Colorado Avenue, a driver slid on the icy road and struck a parked vehicle.

Tuesday, January 5

Tampering / Criminal Mischief: Three houses along S. 9th St. and Kansas were found to be recently TP’d. The assailants first wet the TP so when the residents found it the TP was frozen solid. While cleaning up the mess one resident pulled on the frozen TP and damaged the gutter on the house.

Animal Problem (barking dog): 800 block of 10th, deputy contacted the owner who just got home. He will keep better watch of his dog’s barking.

Wednesday, January 6

Assault/Domestic Violence: 600 block of Pyramid Peak Street, a 39-year-old man was arrested for assaulting his wife.

Suspicious Incident: 1500 block of CR17 Loveland Reservoir, a motorist drove by the lake and saw a couple of people on the ice in the middle of the lake. When the motorist drove back by a minute later they could not see anyone and thought the people fell through the ice. Turns out the people were ice fishing and they went into their ice fishing hut to warm up.

Family Problems: 300 block of E Colorado, a mother and her step-son got into an argument and the step-son assaulted the step-mom. Parents did not want to press charges.

Theft of Services: 700 block of 5th, a resident reported someone placed an old mattress on top of her trash cans. Deputy followed tracks in the snow back to another address in the 700 block of 6th.

Thursday, January 7

Liquor Code Violation: Possible liquor code violation of a Berthoud establishment for over serving a 55-year-old man, who was arrested for DUI after leaving this establishment.

Suspicious Circumstances: 300 block of Nebraska Ave, two residents witnessed two vehicles park in front of homes that are under construction at different points during the evening. Each time a party exited each vehicle and quickly entered one of the two homes and then left. It’s unknown if these were construction workers picking up equipment or if the buildings were actually burglarized.

Friday, January 8

Fraud: 1900 block of Riverglen Dr., a resident reported someone used 3 of her credit cards.

Trespass: 100 block of Mountain Ave, a 49-year-old disgruntled ex-employee returned to this location to take photographs to, as he put it “document” his claims”. Later the same man called to report that his ex-boss hadn’t shoveled her sidewalks (snow was still falling). He then came to the town hall to talk about the “garbage” behind his ex-employer’s business.

Saturday, January 9

Citizen Complaint: Downtown area on Mountain Avenue, the same 49-year-old man from yesterday called in today to report that several businesses along Mountain had not shoveled the snow off of the sidewalks.

Family Problems: 1100 block of Arapahoe, a 15year old girl and her dad got into an argument about his drinking. Dad was slightly intoxicated, and agreed to let his daughter go to her mother’s house.

Sunday, January 10

Burglary/Theft/Public Indecency (Urinating in Public): 800 block of Pyramid Peak Street, a resident called to report that an unknown individual entered his residence sometime during the night through an unlocked back door and stole his wife’s purse, wallet, iPhone, and Kindle Fire. While deputies were investigating the suspect’s footprints in the snow it became evident that the suspect also urinated in the back yard.

Assault: 800 block of Franklin Ave: a 65-year-old man assaulted his roommate.

Alarm: 100 block of Bunyan Avenue: The alarm has gone off twice tonight and continues to sound. The key holder shut it off the first time, but now won’t answer his phone. The alarm is loud and can be heard several blocks away. Dispatch has received multiple calls on the alarm.

Medical Assist: 800 block of Franklin Avenue, a 71-year-old man wanted to report abuse by his care takers. His chief complaints were about the staff’s attitude, and the fact that he believes the facility to be an ISIS training facility.

Monday, January 11

Abandoned Vehicle: 600 Block of 2nd Street, a vehicle that was tagged 72 hours previously was towed.

Vehicle Tagged for 72 Hour Removal: 800 Block of Welch Avenue, Blue Toyota with expired temporary tag.

Renter Problems: 1600 block of Glacier Ave, a resident reported he rented out his residence to friends and they moved out breaking the verbal lease. After they left he noticed they took several items from the residence.

Tuesday, January 12

Vehicle Crash: A driver did not scrape the frost from her windshield and when she turned east on Mountain the sun hitting the frost totally blocked her vision. She decided to turn left into a parking lot but there was another vehicle coming eastbound and vehicles collided.

Theft: 500 block of Third Street, a 33-year-oldwoman grabbed a drill set and ran out the door and took off in a vehicle. Witnesses did an excellent job with suspect descriptions which ultimately was the key contributing factor in locating the suspect. She was located in Longmont identified and arrested. The stolen items were still in her vehicle and were collected and returned to the store.

Underage Possession of Tobacco Product: 900 block of Massachusetts Ave, a 14-year-old was in possession of a “vape pen”.

Business Assist: 800 block of Franklin Ave, reported a patient was reported missing. She was found by staff at the corner of Massachusetts Ave and 8th Street.

Wednesday, January 13

Criminal Mischief: 100 block of 5th Street, someone decided to display their intelligence by painting graffiti on the outside wall of the school.

Civil Stand-by: 200 block of E Colorado, a renter was moving out of his residence and because of issues between him and the landlord a civil stand-by was requested.

Burglary: 600 block of 4th Street, a citizen observed someone breaking into the back office of the Laundromat. The citizen confronted the male and he left the store. The citizen and several others positively identified a 47-year-old local man.

Business Assist: 1000 block of 2nd Street, an angry parent called a dispensary stating she found containers from the dispensary in her 16-year-old daughter’s room. Item was not sold to her by the dispensary, but the investigation continues on how the 16-year-old came into possession of the container.

Thursday, January 14

Suspicious Incident: 600 block of Lake Avenue, an investigation was started on suspicious activity found on a computer.

Family Problems: 900 block of Wilshire, a mother got into an argument with her adult daughter because the daughter was not supposed to be at the residence.

Abandoned Vehicle: 1400 block of Mount Meeker, neighbor reported vehicle has been parked out in front of his house for weeks. Saturn tagged for 72- hour tow.

Found Property: 2700 block of N Wilson, a Pastor called asking the sheriff’s office to collect a white baggie with a crystal substance that was brought to the church by a Berthoud resident. Substance tested presumptive positive for methamphetamine.

Friday, January 15

Vehicle Crash/Driving Too Fast for Road Conditions: 4th Street & Massachusetts Ave, a driver was driving north on 4th street and made a left hand turn onto Massachusetts Ave. He took the turn too fast and lost control on the ice. He collided with a parked vehicle causing damage to the driver side door.

Family Problems: 1400 block of 4th Street: a man and his ex-wife had an argument during a child custody exchange. He stated that as his ex drove off from the exchange, she drove over his left foot.

Warrant Arrest/ Family Problems: 500 block of S 9th Street, a resident called in a family disturbance involving her intoxicated husband. The female had two misdemeanor warrants and was booked at the jail.

Saturday, January 16

Vehicle Tagged for 72 Hour Removal: Tagged a green Subaru Outback in the Berthoud park and ride for 72 hours.

Open Container: 700 block of Mountain Ave, a 33-year-old man was contacted as a passenger of a vehicle during a traffic stop. The man was clearly intoxicated and had a glass of rum and coke next to him in a cup holder.

Sunday, January 17

Stolen Vehicle Recovered: Fountain, Colorado, the Fountain Police Department located the vehicle that was reported stolen from Berthoud back in December. Fountain Police made contact with that resident where the vehicle was located and talked with a woman, who stated that her half-brother had brought the vehicle over to the home for Christmas. He told her that he had borrowed the vehicle and that someone would be by to pick it up later.

Vehicle Crash: Hwy 287 & Mountain Ave: a 19-year-old man was following too closely in his vehicle and rear-ended another vehicle.

Monday, January 18

Suspicious Circumstances: Berthoud Fire Station 1 – Fire Department called to report that someone had run over their sign spotlights.

Civil Issue: 200 block of 1st Street, the owner of Longmont business called to report that the landlord where he stores his vehicles was cutting his trucks up into pieces to be hauled off to be sold for scrap because he abandoned them.

Family Problems: 1100 block of 4th Street, a 17-year-old boy was grounded after lying to his parents. After being informed of the discipline, the boy attempted to run away from home. Mom attempted to stop him but he pushed her out of his way then pushed out the screen on the window.

Tuesday, January 19

72 Hour Tow: Berthoud Park and Ride – Towed a green Subaru that had been in the park and ride for well over 72 hours.

Suspicious Circumstances: 100 block of E 3rd Street, a woman called to report that an ex-boyfriend had taken inappropriate videos of her without her knowledge.

Family Problems: 1400 block of 4th Street, a mother went to her ex’s apartment to pick up her daughter. Father was a no show for the exchange. The deputy contacted the grandmother of the child, who informed him that her son had filed for an emergency custody order.

Wednesday, January 20

Vehicle Crash/Failed to Yield When Entering the Roadway: 400 block of Mountain Avenue, a driver did not look properly before attempting to enter the lane of traffic. The driver struck another vehicle causing moderate damage to both vehicles.

Family Problems: 1400 block of 4th Street, a mother called to try to get her daughter away from the dad again. The Emergency Protection order was signed by a judge and both mom and dad said they were aware of it.

Civil Issue: 200 block 1st Street, a man called to report that a flatbed trailer he was keeping at this property may be missing. His employee told him he couldn’t find it, but didn’t want to look around the property for it and “cause problems.” Deputy contacted the land owner and the trailer was still there.

Civil Issue: 900 block of Wilshire Drive, a woman claims her ex-roommate deposited her tax return check into her account without permission.

Vehicle Crash/Hit and Run: Mountain Avenue and Gateway Blvd, unknown vehicle left the roadway traveling westbound on Mountain Avenue striking 3 signs.

Thursday, January 21

Vehicle Crash: 200 block of Mountain Avenue, an 18-year-old woman had a medical issue while driving on Mountain Avenue; her vehicle crossed the roadway, hit a tree then struck the old Grace Place building.

Fraud: 100 block of E Indiana Avenue, a resident believed she was hired as a personal assistant at GiveWell Inc. She received a check for 1500.00 in the mail and was told to cash the check and send the money to two different charities in the Philippines. An employee at Western Union alerted her that this was a fraud. She was not out any money and the bank was able to stop the check.

Extra Patrol: 500 block of Bunyan, a father of a student was causing problems in a threatening manner towards other parents while they were dropping off their children for school. It was reported that he also drives recklessly when he comes and goes.

DUI/Failed to Stop at a Stop Sign: CR8 and Gateway Blvd., a 51-year-old man was arrested for DUI after he was stopped for failing to stop at a stop sign.

Underage Possession of Marijuana: CR8 and Hwy 287, a 19-year-old man was in possession of marijuana and paraphernalia found on a traffic stop. He is on bond, and the conditions specify no drugs.

Friday, January 22

Failed to Display Valid Registration/ Owner Operated Uninsured Vehicle/Defective Break Light: 1st Street and Mountain Ave, Blue BMW driven by a 19-year-old man had no visible registration and a defective brake light. The driver could not provide proof of insurance or valid registration. Upon search of the vehicle a black canister with marijuana and a glass pipe were found.

Animal Call/Neighbor Problems: 100 block of Hummingbird Pl, Neighbor to this address called multiple times to report the dogs at this address were barking.

Follow-up/Charges Filed: Welch Avenue and 1st Street, a vehicle matching the description of the run vehicle from the hit and run at CR8 and Gateway Blvd on 012016 was stopped for a traffic infraction. A 47-year-old man was the driver and admitted to the incident.

Warrant Arrest: 200 block of 2nd Street, a 23-year-old man contacted for a welfare check and arrested for an active warrant.

Assist to Larimer Drug Task Force: 200 block of 2nd Street, SWAT was called for a search warrant service where a 30-year-old man was taken into custody.

Saturday, January 23

Harassment/Domestic Violence: 500 block of S. 9th Street, a 46-year-old woman poured a drink on her 42-year-old boyfriend of 12 years.

Sunday, January 24

Juvenile Problems: 600 block of 8th Street, a father called after finding out his 17-year-old son was at this address and was using drugs and alcohol.

Monday, January 25

Vehicle Crash: 1st Street & Mountain Avenue, a driver collided with a curb and street sign while trying to avoid rear-ending another vehicle, instead, hitting a CDOT sign.

Possible Disturbance / Driving Under Revocation: 1800 Block of S CR 17, a rolling disturbance (in a moving vehicle) involving a 24-year-old man and a woman. The man was also found to be driving with a revoked license.

Domestic Violence / Harassment: CR17 & Hwy 287, a 24-year-old man was yelling and pushed his open hand into the face of his girlfriend during an argument.

Assist Weld County Sheriff: CR13 & CR10, Weld County Sheriff’s Office called in an assist to search for a 23-year-old man near County Line Road and CR 6C. This man had multiple warrants and had just committed a burglary in Weld County.  The deputy located the man on CR13 at CR10, where he was taken into custody and eventually turned over to Weld County Sheriff’s Office.

Tuesday, January 26

Suspicious Behavior: 1st Street & Turner Avenue, a 53-year-old local man was stopped for speeding and a brake light out. During the contact he was passively arguing with the deputy about the stop. He wanted to know when it became state law that you need your brake lights to be working. The man also told the deputy that he thought speed limit signs in Town were only suggestions. He was educated by receiving a ticket.

Wednesday, January 27

Restraining Order Violation: 900 block of Mountain Avenue, a 25-year-old man contacted two coworkers of the person he is restrained from, which is a violation of the restraining order.

Thursday, January 28

Follow-up: 800 block of Pyramid Peak Street, some of the items stolen in a burglary were located and returned to the victim. The victims met with a 17-year-old male who stated he found these items.

Vehicle Crash: 900 block of Mountain Avenue, a driver struck another vehicle while pulling into a parking space.

Friday, January 29

Traffic Problem: Berthoud Elementary School on Longs Peak Ave, Parents are stopping in the middle of the road to let their children out creating a traffic jam.

Revoked License: Hwy 287 & CR17, a 25-year-old Longmont woman was stopped for a traffic violation and it was discovered her licensed is under restraint.

Saturday, January 30

Vehicle Theft: 1300 block of 4th Street, a resident reported her blue 50cc scooter was stolen sometime last night.

Revoked License / Habitual Traffic Offender (HTO) / Fictitious Plates / Operated a Motor Vehicle with no Insurance: 1800 block of N CR 15C, a 57-year-old Loveland man arrived on a scene that a deputy was investigating. He was found to be revoked HTO with plates belonging to another vehicle.

Sunday, January 31

Found Property: 200 block of 2nd Street, a resident found a small bike propped against his recycling bin.

Follow-up: 200 block of 1st Street, a Loveland man called again to report that a one of his trucks was towed from the property. He wasn’t sure who towed it or why, but had paperwork of where it was towed.

Assault / Criminal Mischief / Harassment: 200 block 2nd Street, a 35-year-old resident was assaulted with a spoon by her 17-year-old son resulting in injuries which required stitches. The son also broke a window while fleeing the residence.

Burglary: 300 block of Mountain Avenue, a business was broken into sometime last night. The tip money, Alcohol, and money drawer were stolen. If you have any information, please contact the sheriff’s office at 416-1985.

Intoxicated Person: 200 block of Mountain Avenue, a 25-year-old man walked into the Berthoud Fire Station very intoxicated and asking for help. The man was transported to the hospital and a few hours later he was released and arrested for Wednesday’s Domestic Violence / Restraining order Violation case.

Warrant / False Reporting: Hwy 56 & / CR1, a 24-year-old woman gave a fictitious name to deputies on a traffic stop. Her true identity was located and she had a warrant out for her arrest.

DUI: Hwy 287, a 23-year-old woman was stopped for a traffic violation and found to be under the influence of alcohol.

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