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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Berthoud Police Blotter: January 2018

Updated January 30, 2018







Provide by
Larimer County Sheriff’s Department
Berthoud Squad

Monday, January 1

Warrant: 8th Street, 23-year-old male arrested on outstanding warrant.

Vehicle Trespass: Timeless Trail, 41-year-old male reported his unlocked vehicle was entered the night of 122817 and two wallets were missing.

Theft: 6th Street, 41-year-old male reported someone took his green Hitachi compressor from his front yard. 

Tuesday, January 2

Motor Vehicle Crash: Hwy 56/WCR 7, 40-year-old female and a 33-year-old male bumped into each other while turning. Parties admitted mutual fault.

Warrant: 2nd Street / Bunyan Avenue, 25-year-old female was contacted as a passenger in a vehicle stop. She was found to have an active warrant through Loveland PD and booked for the warrant.

Restraining Order Violation: 2nd Street / Bunyan Avenue, 27-year-old male was stopped for a non-working license plate lamp and suspicious behavior. The male had a passenger with him, who had an active restraining order against the male. The male was arrested.

Wednesday, January 3

Civil Dispute:  Mount Rainier, a male and female were arguing about vehicle keys. They are going through a divorce and she is the owner of the vehicles that belong to them. She was looking for keys and he refused to return them until law enforcement was called.

Warrant: Skimmer Street, 63-year-old male and 61-year-old female were contacted at this address for their warrants, both arrested.

Assist: Franklin Avenue, 67-year-old female and a 91-year-old female were involved in an altercation after one did not like the other’s tone while she was offering her cookies. Both parties agreed to stay separated.

Motor Vehicle Crash: 3rd street / Mountain Avenue, 20-year-old male reported that his Honda Accord (CO/250OQU) had been stolen between 010218 at 1800 hours and 010318 at 0900 hours.  The vehicle was locked and owner has all the keys to the vehicle.  There are no known suspects, but the vehicle may be in Adams County. 

Assault: 2nd Street, 25-year-old male and a 39-year-old male reported that they had been in a physical fight.  Both parties just wanted to report the incident and neither of them wished to have the other charged.  Both also claimed not to be injured. 

Thursday, January 4

Motor Vehicle Crash: N. Berthoud Pkwy / CR 8, 65-year-old male driver could not stop in time and ran into the back of a 55-year-old male’s vehicle.

Family Disturbance: N. CR 15 C, 24-year-old male and a 21-year-old female got into a verbal argument with the female’s father, over them using narcotics and taking care of their daughter. The female stated it was physical, no evidence found to support her claim.

Friday, January 5

Impersonating a Peace Officer: 38-year-old female received a phone call from an individual identifying himself as Captain JOHN MANAGO. No money lost.

Saturday, January 6

Disturbance: Franklin Avenue. 92-year-old male and 78-year-old male were involved in a disturbance after one became upset over the other’s wheelchair blocking his way.

Motor Vehicle Crash: Welch Avenue, 19-year-old male driver backed into a 59-year-old female’s vehicle. At fault driver cited.

Sunday, January 7

Traffic Citation: 6th Street/Welch Avenue, 38-year-old male contacted for traffic and driver license violations after an auto license plate reader hit. Summonsed and released.

Motor vehicle Crash/ Hit and Run: 64-year-old female reported that sometime overnight an unknown suspect vehicle ran over a tree in her yard.

Code enforcement

Animal Problems – 7
Parking Problems- 5
Other ordinance violations- 2

January 8 – 14

Monday, January 8

Suspicious: Mountain Avenue, 46-year-old female reported her car’s rear window was shattered while it was parked between 9:30 am and 4:30 pm, appears to have been natural causes.

Suspicious: Keep Circle, 31-year-old female reported she believed her 31-year-old ex-fiancé may have knocked on her door with their “secret knock” they used to use before their break up. No one there when she responded to the door. Her dogs barked at the time of the knock. She said neighbors have seen him around her house while she’s at work. Incident documented.

Tuesday, January 9

Violation of Protection Order: 1st Street, 36-year-old male was reported to be riding in a car with the victim of a protection order. Male is also wanted on additional charges.

Fatal Motor Vehicle Crash: Hwy 287 / Hwy 56, 43-year-old female of Fort Collins was traveling northbound on US Hwy 287 when she collided with a motorcycle, and two other vehicles. Motorcycle rider was pronounced dead at Medical Center of the Rockies, one other transported by ambulance with what appears to be minor injuries, other was uninjured, and third had complaint of injury.

Wednesday, January 10

Recovered Stolen Vehicle: 1st Street, Greeley PD recovered a vehicle stolen out of Berthoud.

Family Problems: Wilshire Drive,35-year-old male was intoxicated at the residence while tending to his children. His parents arrived on scene promising to stay the night.

Thursday, January 11

Friday, January 12

Assault: Franklin Avenue, Berthoud Living Center reported a 67-year-old female had a “black eye.” When asked what happened, female stated a CNA punched her, it was later determined to have been an accident with a lift chair. No evidence of assault. 

Driving under Restraint: Hwy. 56 / CR13, 25-year-old male with gang ties. Summonsed.

Saturday, January 13

Habitual Driving under Restraint: Mountain Avenue, 54-year-old male was contacted for a traffic infraction and found to be revoked. Booked in jail.

Driving under Restraint: CR17, 57-year-old male was contacted for speed and found to be suspended. Summonsed.

Sunday, January 14

Code enforcement

Animal Problems – 7
Parking Problems- 5
Other ordinance violations- 2

January 15 to 21

Monday, January 15

Warrant Arrest/Driving Under Restraint (Revoked-Habitual Traffic Offender)/Possession of Drug Paraphernalia: Windom Peak Lane, a 26-year-old Greeley man was contacted for his driving status and misdemeanor warrant. While Deputies were approaching him on foot, he got into his truck and started revving the engine aggressively and disobeying commands while making several furtive movements. He eventually exited the truck and was taken into custody without incident. A large knife was found in the area where he was reaching.

Fraud/Theft: 4th Street, a resident reports one fraudulent charge on his credit card and several laptops missing from his garage.

Detox Hold: 7th Street., several residents reported an intoxicated male walking in the alley hitting fences with his fists. A 38-year-old man was contacted and was extremely intoxicated and could not keep his balance and had bloody hands. He sure taught those fences a lesson.

Vehicle Crash/Property Damage: 600 Block S. Hwy 287, a driver from Loveland was driving too fast, hit ice and slid off roadway.

Vehicle Crash/Property Damage: Woodcock Street, a Loveland woman picked up her intoxicated daughter and was giving her a ride home, but hit ice and slid off the road.

Warrant Arrest: S. 9th Street., a resident was contacted at their residence for two active warrants.

Tuesday, January 16

Obstructing/Felony Warrant Arrest: Franklin Avenue, a 44-year-old Berthoud man was contacted at his residence for his felony warrants. He was contacted at the front door and immediately slammed the door on deputies. He attempted to escape out of the back window, however, he was apprehended by a deputy who was out back waiting. Sheriff-1, Badguy-0

Theft: Berthoud Parkway / CR10E, a contractor reported three trailers had locks cut off and miscellaneous property stolen sometime overnight.

Abandoned Vehicle: Woodcock Street & Godwit Drive, a vehicle tagged several days ago was towed.

Wednesday, January 17

Vehicle Crash/Hit & Run: Spartan Avenue & Berthoud Parkway, a Loveland driver was rear ended by a high school aged male, driving a white sedan. She pulled over and the young driver sped off in the opposite direction.

Vehicle Crash/Minor Injuries: 2600 block of Hwy 56, a 41-year-old driver, while talking on his phone drifted off the right shoulder and into a ditch. Vehicle struck a raised driveway head on and launched itself several car lengths to the other side. The vehicle managed to get back onto the highway and came to a stop on the westbound shoulder without hitting any other vehicles.

Thursday, January 18

Follow-up to the Vehicle Crash Hit & Run: Spartan Avenue, a suspect vehicle was located in the high school parking lot after viewing video surveillance. Juvenile male confessed to the School Resource Officer.

Unauthorized Use of a Financial Transaction Device/Crime Against At-Risk Adult/Theft: Arapahoe Avenue, a resident had 34 fraudulent charges on his credit totaling over $21,000 over the course of 5 days. Most of the charges were through homedepot.com. 

Warrant Arrest: 5th Street, a 56-year-old Berthoud man was contacted by deputies and arrested for two active warrants.

Friday, January 19

Driving Under Suspension: Mountain Avenue, an 18-year-old driver was contacted for a traffic violation and it was discovered his license was suspended.

Driving Under the Influence of Drugs/Underage Possession of Marijuana: S. 2nd Street, a resident called in that four juveniles were sitting in a car smoking marijuana. Deputy arrived and observed marijuana smoke billowing out of the windows. The 17-year-old male driver failed roadsides and submitted to a blood test and was released to dad on juvenile summons. Another 17-year-old female was summonsed for underage possession. Two 18-year-old males were both summonsed for underage possession. 

Driving Under Revocation/Theft/Defective Vehicle: 4th Street & Capital Avenue, a driver was stopped for a traffic violation and it was discovered the license plates on his vehicle were reported stolen. The driver also was driving with a revoked driver’s license.

DUI/Stop Sign Violation/Turn Signal Violation: Bunyan Avenue & 1st Street, a 45-year-old Longmont woman was contacted for failing to stop for a stop sign and making a turn without using turn signals.

Vehicle Crash/Property Damage: 1st Street & Welch Avenue, a driver did not yield the right away to another and was struck broadside.

Saturday, January 20

Theft/ Vehicle Crash Hit & Run: CR10E & Berthoud Parkway, the stop sign was missing from this intersection and sign post appeared damaged.

Abandoned Vehicle: Water Avenue, a yellow FORD E350 box truck towed from a public road after being tagged. No valid registration and not showing insured.

Sunday, January 21

Loose Goose: Elm Drive, a goose was found in a back yard that appeared to have been shot but was still alive. Goose was transported to Wildlife Rehab in Longmont.

Code Enforcement:

Animal Problems – 11
Parking Problems – 5
Other Ordinance Problems – 8
Failed to Shovel Snow – 29 (Please shovel the snow from your sidewalks)

January 22 -31

Monday, January 22

Warrant Arrest/Possession of Drug Paraphernalia/Violation of a Protection Order: S. 1st Street, a 36-year-old Greeley man was arrested on the warrant as well as the above charges.

Tuesday, January 23

Fictitious Plates/No Proof of Insurance: E. Hwy 56 / Pyramid Peak Street, a 37-year-old Lakewood man was contacted for a traffic infraction. His temporary tag was fictitious and was seized and his vehicle towed.

Theft: Mt. Massive Street, a resident reported unknown suspect(s) stole milk from her porch. I’m thinking a cat burglar. 

Wednesday, September 24

Fictitious Plates: E. CR 8 / Pyramid Peak Street, a 59-year-old Johnstown man was contacted for fictitious plates. Plates were seized. 

Thursday, September 25

Assault: 2nd Street, while serving civil papers on a Berthoud resident, he decided to report an assault from 011318. He said he was punched several times in the head by his step daughter’s boyfriend.

Friday, September 26

Harassment/Child Abuse: BHS, a 15-year-old girl skipped 8th period class and missed the bus. Mom picked her up and as they walked out to the car, on video it appears mom attacked the girl possibly punching and kicking her.

Missing Child: Jefferson and 10th Street, a 15-year-old juvenile was reported missing in Johnstown. Berthoud deputy found the juvenile at the BHS football field and was returned home. Even the Rough Riders want to be a Spartan.

Saturday, September 27

Vehicle Theft/Vehicle Trespass: Megan Way, a resident had his work truck stolen from his residence. Doors unlocked and keys inside on seat. On Star tracked vehicle to a location in Longmont. Longmont PD located the truck and took 4 people into custody that were in the vehicle.

Vehicle Trespass: Megan Way, a resident had his unlocked vehicle entered. Nothing appears to be stolen and is likely related to the above call. What’s the magic word here? Unlocked!

Sunday, September 28

Vehicle Crash/Hit and Run: 7th Street, a resident reported that she discovered her vehicle had damage done to it sometime during the night. By the damage it appears to be from a higher profile vehicle.

Disturbance: Oystercatcher, Husband and wife got into an argument after an ex-girlfriend texted the husband.

Code Enforcement:

Animal Problems – 9
Parking Problems – 5
Other Ordinance Problems – 20

Monday, January 29

Illegal Parking: Woodcock Street, a vehicle was parked in a posted handicap parking only space for a couple of days and has not moved. The owner of the vehicle is now a $100 poorer.

Harassment: 1st Street, a resident called to report her son has been “blowing up” her phone waking her up. Deputy suggested in turning off her phone and she thought that was a good idea. When Mama ain’t happy, ain’t no one happy.

Tuesday, January 30

Theft: Mountain Avenue, a store owner reported that someone had been caught shoplifting at his store. An 18-year old Loveland man was caught attempting to steal two electronic cords and a Red Bull drink. The man was trespassed from entering this store and issued a summons for court.

Harassment: Bimson Avenue, a resident reported he received harassing texts from an unknown person. The resident sent a text back telling the person to stop and that he was calling the sheriff’s office. He has not received any further texts.

Forgery: S. 2nd Street, a resident called and reported that her Mom forged her signature to sell a vehicle. Mom also kept the money from the sale.

Family Problem: S. 9th Street, a resident called to report his 13-year-old son is out of control because they took his phone away.

Wednesday, January 31

Theft: E. Indiana Avenue a resident reported an unknown suspect stole milk from his porch. Cat burglar strikes again.

Criminal Mischief: CR 17 and Berthoud Parkway, Graffiti was discovered on utility property at this location.


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