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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Berthoud Police Blotter: June 2015

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Provided By
James Anderson
Patrol Sergeant, Berthoud Squad

Monday, June 1

Vehicle Trespass Follow-up: 300 block of Massachusetts Avenue, a local business owner found and turned in property that was taken out of one of the vehicles from last week’s vehicle trespasses.

Theft Follow-up: 3rd Street & Nebraska Avenue, Found several sets of the reported stolen patio furniture cushions and some that were not reported stolen. The teenagers have built a hangout/tent area in the trees using blankets, tarps, and the cushions.

Suspicious Person: 1600 block of Alpine Avenue, Information from neighbor was that someone was on the roof of a home under construction.

Family Problems: Town Hall – a sister and her brother were in another argument at home. The brother broke his sister’s phone.

Now that the rains are slowing down, please take care of your weeds in your yards and your alleys

Tuesday, June 2

Stolen Bike: Berthoud Pool, a resident called to report her grandson’s bike was taken while they were at the Berthoud Pool

Wednesday. June 3

Trespassing: CR10E & CR17, deputies contacted a group of homeless adults sleeping in their cars south west of the intersection in the field.

Fraud: 300 block of Nebraska Avenue, a resident received several calls informing her she owed $5000.00 to the IRS. She withdrew 5,000.00 from her checking account and deposited it into a Wells Fargo Account. The IRS will never call you and ask you to send money.

Criminal Mischief: 200 Bein Street, a resident reported her house and vehicle had been egged. Suspects also super glued the windshield wipers to the windshield on her vehicle and left punctured Axe body spray cans on the lawn.

Fraud by Check: 400 block of Meadowlark Drive, a business owner reported that a 40 year old woman wrote 5 checks in April that were all returned for insufficient funds. Female was contacted and she went and paid all that she owed.

Found Property: 900 block of Mountain Avenue, a very honest citizen found over $900 in the Hays Market parking lot. She turned the money into Berthoud Town Hall. Money was returned to the rightful owner.

Bicycle Theft: 100 block of E Iowa Avenue, a resident called to report her son’s BMX bike was taken from the side of their house.

Thursday, June 4

Motor Vehicle Theft: Berthoud Pool, a resident reported her daughter left their scooter at Berthoud Pool after it started hailing last night. They returned this morning and the scooter was gone.

Trespass /Theft: 600 Block of 6th Street, interviewed a juvenile with his mother regarding recent thefts and vehicle trespasses. The male admitted to taking some of the items for the “tree fort.”


Blue Mountain Ave/CR23E/CR2, Unincorporated Berthoud – Two tornados touched down southwest of Berthoud, causing extensive damage to at least 12 residences in both Larimer and Boulder counties, with at least 2 homes completely destroyed in Larimer County. Continued heavy rains then caused flooding in the immediate area along the Little Thompson River. All residents were located and everyone was accounted for.

Friday, June 5

Accident/Hit and Run: Hwy 287 & CR 8, a 45-year-old man reported that on the previous evening as he approached the intersection, a vehicle in front of him made a u-turn and struck the front driver side of their vehicle. Driver of the vehicle did not stop.

Burglary: 300 block of Massachusetts Avenue, a resident came to the town hall to see if any of the recovered property belonged to her. She claimed two cushions that were stolen sometime in April 2015 from her camper.

Theft/Possession of tobacco products: 200 block of Welch Avenue, a reported runaway 15-year-old Ft. Collins boy was found at the Berthoud Library. He was found to be in possession of stolen items.

Harboring a Minor: 900 block of 5th Street, a 57-year-old resident was cited for harboring a runaway child. The mother of the missing youth visited the address on Wednesday looking for her son and informed the resident to call her if he showed up. The juvenile admitted he was staying at this address during the exit interview.

Harassment: 400 Mountain Avenue, a resident confronted the next-door business owner over a parking issue. He pushed the other business owner and threatened to kill him. The man refused to come to the door or answer the phone. Neighbor recorded the incident.

Suspicious Incident: a resident called 911 to report he was having mental health issues.

Mental Health Hold: A Berthoud resident was placed on a mental health hold at the hospital after making suicidal statements.

Saturday, June 6

Berthoud Days: Most of the day assisting with the festivities

Accident/Improper Backing: 5th & Welch Avenue, a driver was backing out from a parking spot and backed into another vehicle as he was driving on 5th Street.

Speeding/Driving Under Restraint: 700 block of S. CR 17, a 25-year-old man from Wheatridge was contacted for speeding (55 mph in a posted 40 mph zone). Colorado Department of Motor Vehicle confirmed that his driver’s license was suspended

Sunday, June 7

Abandoned Vehicle: 400 block of Franklin Avenue, a white Ford truck that was tagged 3 days ago and had not been moved. Vehicle was towed by Chucks Towing.

Animal Calls:

1 cat bite report from Animal Control, Cookie the cat quarantined for 10 days.

-1 found dog, booked at Berthoud puppy jail and later was bonded out by his parents.

-Animal Control was requested to respond and pick up 1 very sick dog from a residence.

Found Property: 400 block of 2nd Street, a blue bike was located at the skate park after being left there for 3 days.

Found Property: 300 block of Bimson Avenue, an orange bike was located in the alley.

Found Property: 1000 block of Welch Avenue: a stripped and destroyed green and black mountain bike was recovered lying on the bike path. 

DUI / Unsafe Backing: 1600 block of 4th Street, a 34-year-old man was passed out behind the wheel of his vehicle while it was in reverse and resting against a street sign.

Driving Complaint: Light colored vehicle passing on double yellow and driving recklessly on Hwy 287 & Hwy 56. 

Noise Complaint: 6th Street & Capital Avenue, an anonymous person reported popping sounds, sound was coming from an air nail gun constructing a garage.

Traffic Complaint: 6th Street/Capital Avenue, reported of 4 wheelers racing up and down the street.

Fireworks Complaint: 5th Street & Turner Avenue. (And so it begins)

Trespass: 900 block of 5th Street, residents came home and found 16 year old friend inside their residence.

Trespass/Warrant: 900 block of 2nd Street, a 30-year-old woman was inside the fenced area of the storage area after hours, owner stated she did have a current storage unit. A 43-year-old man was waiting in a vehicle and had a current warrant.

Monday, June 8

Animal Calls

1 trapped/found cat

1 goat question

Theft: 100 block of Mountain Avenue, Habitat For Humanity, the manager reported that two individuals were observed on video taking a leaf blower and a camo coat.

Lost Property: 7th & Massachusetts: a resident reported that she lost her iPhone 6 at Berthoud Days.

Suspicious Vehicle: 800 block of Humboldt Peak Lane, deputy observed a white 2003 Ford retired police car, sitting on the side street by this residence.

Found Property: 200 block of Mountain Avenue, a suitcase was located next to a bench by the Berthoud Athletic Club. A name of the owner was located. The owner’s suitcase had been donated to Habitat for Humanity. It appears that someone put miscellaneous cloths and kids toys in the suitcase and carried it away from the ReStore.

Accident/Suspicious: 800 block of Bunyan Avenue, a resident reported someone backed approximately 100 feet onto her property and struck a fence.

Theft: 900 block of Massachusetts, an iPhone was reported stolen.

Follow-up/Runaway Returned: 3000 block of Nations Way, a 16 year old runway returned home after being at unknown friend’s houses

Please lock your bicycles up as we have had a rash of bike thefts recently.

Tuesday, June 9

Theft/Found Property: 500 block of 5th Street, a resident reported that her 70′ Schwinn beach cruiser bike with two large wire baskets and a brown leather seat was stolen from her driveway. In its place was a blue and black Diamondback Cobra small mountain bike.

Theft: 500 block of S 10th Street, a resident reported that her son’s Nishiki mountain bike with 26″ tires was stolen. This bike is black with white lettering and has white stitching on the seat.

Municipal Violation: 700 block of Bunyan Court, written warning posted for municipal trash violation.

Missing Person /returned: Elderly male was over due after doctor apt. He returned home after getting lost.

Wednesday, June 10

1 animal call

2 Berthoud Municipal violations (weeds)

2 citizen assists

Thursday, June 11

Mental Health/ Assist to Ambulance: 100 block of Bunyan Avenue, a deputy was flagged down by a 52 year old woman who reported she was being followed by someone trying to kill her. She claimed to be working for the FBI and Ft. Collins Police. She had no ID, money, shoes, no idea where she lived, or how she got to Berthoud. 

Runaway/Returned Juvenile: 200 block of W. County Road 10E, Reflections for youth staff reported a 15 year old boy walked away from the homes. A Berthoud Deputy located the boy on Mountain Avenue.

Assault: 200 7th Street, 14 and 15 year old girls got into a verbal argument over text messages and decided to “meet at the park” Both share video of the fight and shows the 15 year old takes the first swing and the fight is on.

Friday, June 12

Runaway/Returned Juvenile 200 block of W. Cr 10E, a 12 year old boy returned home around 8:00 pm. Exit interview conducted, he stated he went to the library.

Intoxicated Persons hold/ Theft/Abusing Toxic Vapors/Theft: I-25 and Hwy 56, a Yellow cab driver pulled over after his 33-year-old female passenger was acting strange. She did not have any way to pay for her ride from Denver to Wyoming. While speaking with the driver she pulled out a can of Industrial strength air duster and inhaled. She was drooling on herself and taken to the hospital by ambulance.

Warrant Arrest/Possession of Drug Paraphernalia: 700 block of 5th Street, a 15 year old Ft. Collins boy who is a chronic runaway was contacted for a misdemeanor warrant. He had a marijuana pipe in his pocket. The boy became uncooperative and had to be restrained when he started banging his head against the cage in the deputy’s vehicle.

Runaway: 200 block of W CR10E, a 14-year-old boy who is a chronic runaway took off again.

Family Problems: 800 block of 10th Street, information about a sister and her brother in a “verbal fight”. Both point the finger at the other for “starting it”. Family is separated for the evening with tensions high between brother and sister.

Saturday, June 13

Suspicious Circumstances: 200 block of 2nd Street, a resident reported someone was in her yard last night and broke a yard decoration.

Found Property: 600 block of Mountain Avenue, someone put a damaged “15 minute parking” sign and metal pole in the dumpster at this address.

Sunday, June 14

Theft: 200 block of 2nd Street, a resident reported a 17 year old girl stole his iPod Touch and cell phone 2 months ago.

Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor/ Resisting arrest: 200 block of 2nd Street, while investigating the above case, the 17 year old suspect was located inside a mobile home along with several other juveniles smoking marijuana in the living room with the front door wide open. A 39 year old woman decided to exit the house several times to yell and interfere with the investigation. She was identified as the mother of one of the other juveniles and knew the teens were smoking marijuana inside. 

Underage Possession of Marijuana/Possession of Paraphernalia: 200 block of 2nd Street, The 17 year old girl suspect of the above case was cited for possession of marijuana and paraphernalia.

Assist Berthoud Parks: Sprinklers at Pioneer Park were stuck on. On-call for Parks was contacted and they requested the deputy shut the water off to the park and they would deal with the problem the next day. 

Recovered Stolen Property: A Berthoud resident reported that she was driving home from work and noticed a 40-year-old man riding her stolen 50cc scooter on County Road 17 and Bunyan Avenue. She stated that she held her head out the window and told the male that he was riding her scooter, he replied ok. She said “you stole it from me” and he replied “Yes, do you want it back.” She said yes “follow me to my residence,” which he did. She stated that the man left the scooter at her house and walked north bound on County Road 17.

Monday, June 15

Burglary/Theft: 100 block of Quandary Avenue, a red and silver Trek bike was stolen from a garage at this residence.

Criminal Mischief: E 2nd Street & Indiana Ave, Pioneer Park: Graffiti was written all over the walls in the girl’s restroom, a trash can, power box, and 2 electric meters.

Warrant Arrest: 200 block of 2nd Street, after receiving information from a case worker, a 12-year-old boy, was contacted at his residence and arrested two warrants for failure to appear in court for burglary and theft charges.

Juvenile Problem: 100 Block of Keep Circle, 2 juveniles were counseled about riding their bikes on other people’s lawns.

Juvenile Problem: 1000 block of Wilshire Drive, 3 kids were talked to about riding their motor.

Tuesday, June 16

Theft: 800 block of Massachusetts Avenue, a resident called to report her son’s blue Specialized Hard Rock bicycle was stolen.

Warrant Arrest Misdemeanor: 1000 block of 2nd Street, a 28-year-old woman was arrested for a warrant.

K9 Demo: Berthoud Library: Larimer County Sheriff’s K-9 Unit went to the Berthoud Library and gave a demo with our K9’s. This summer’s library reading theme is heroes and we wanted them to see our 4 legged heroes.

Wednesday, June17

Criminal Mischief: Pioneer Park, two more power boxes were discovered that were tagged with the graffiti.

Found Dog: Dog was found and held by a resident for 24 hours before calling the Office. The dog was transported to the Humane Society.

Thursday, June 18

Suspicious Circumstances: 500 block of 6th Street, a woman called reporting that a door was locked on the outside of her house that was never locked before.

Solicitors: Mary’s Farm subdivision, three solicitors advised of town laws. They left the town before sundown.

Accident/Careless Driving: Mountain Avenue and 7th Street, a 62-year-old man entered the intersection without looking and collided with another vehicle causing moderate damage. 

Suspicious: 1400 block of Mt. Meeker Avenue, a woman believes that her ex-husband’s wife is hacking into her email.

Friday, June 19

Warrant Arrest: 5th Street & Welch Avenue, a 48-year-old woman was arrested for a Felony warrant.

Animal Call: 100 block of 10th Street, a bird was caught in window well. The deputy caught and released the bird in a field.

Assist to Longmont Police: Assisted a Longmont Police Officer with an interview about a suspicious incident.

Assist to Loveland Police: REDDI (Report Every Drunk Driver Immediately) that drove from Loveland to Berthoud.

Noise Complaint: 100 block of Bunyan Avenue, spoke with management and they turned the music down. 

Saturday, June 20

Berthoud Safety Fair: Berthoud Deputy Hobson had a vision last year and along with Berthoud Fire they decided to put on a safety fair at the Berthoud High School.

Antique Tractor Mayhem: Deputy Kingston went in pursuit of several old tractors that decided to race around town in what they called a “tractor parade”. Deputy Kingston had a hard time keeping up with the chase so he decided to block traffic at the intersections as the rebel tractors went through showing off their antiques.

Found Dog: Mountain Avenue & 4th Street – Dog returned to owner

Road Hazard: Wood in the roadway CR17 & Hwy 287. Removed

Accident: 100 block of Bunyan Avenue, a 24 year old woman attempted to pull into a parking spot and struck another vehicle.

Assist to Medical: 200 block of 2nd Street, a 24 year old man called in saying he was having a panic attack, transported by ambulance.

Sunday June 21

Vehicle Trespass/Criminal Mischief: 20700 S.E. Frontage Road, Park and Ride: While performing an extra check the Berthoud Deputy located a vehicle that had received severe damage. The owner of the vehicle was contacted. The vehicle received 5 slashed tires, every lens was broken out, entry was made and a blue tooth was destroyed, multiple gashes to the bumper and rear hatch.

Monday, June 22

Code Violations: Answered several questions from citizens who received written warnings about being in violation of Berthoud Municipal weed ordinance.

Identity Theft: 700 block of 7th Street, a resident reported someone opened a Wal-Mart credit card in her name.

Lost Property: 700 block of Indiana Avenue, a resident lost his wallet at Pioneer Park yesterday.

Found Property: Hwy 56 & Weld CR 3, a woman’s wallet was found on the side of the road

Tuesday, June 23

Reckless Endangerment/ Harassment/Child Abuse: I-25 SB & Hwy 56, a 15-year-old boy was upset that his mother made him to go Denver with her so he punched her several times while she was driving on I-25 near Fort Collins. The boy then threatened to kill himself by wrapping a rope around his neck, when that didn’t work he grabbed a fish hook and threatened his little brother & sister, and swung the fish hook at mom, who was still driving. When mom refused to take him back home he tried to pull the emergency brake while the vehicle was southbound I-25 at the Berthoud exit.

Wednesday, June 24

Family Problems: 500 block of 2nd Street, Two women got into a verbal argument.

Vehicle Trespass/Theft/Runaway: 200 block of W CR10E, a 15-year-old boy ran away from Reflections for Youth for the 10th time. He was contacted as he was walking. The boy handed the deputy a single camel unused cigarette and lighter. He stated he found it on the porch of a construction company. The deputy went to the business discovered the boy entered a vehicle and stole a new pack of camel cigarettes off the front passenger seat.

Thursday, June 25

Driving Under Suspension/Defective Rear Lights: Welch Avenue & 6th Street, a 32-year-old woman was stopped for no rear brake lights. She was found to have a cancelled license.

Family Problems: 200 block of Mountain Avenue, a 41-year-old woman went to the Grace Place church looking for help to get out of an abusive relationship. 

Harassment/Criminal Mischief/Domestic Violence: 200 block of S 1st Street, 911 call into the sheriff’s office of a 36 year old woman and a 39 year old man verbally arguing.

Assist: Assisted Xcel Energy and the Town with a downed power line at 7th Street and Capitol Avenue.

Friday, June 26

Fraud: 1065 N 1st Street, a business received an e-mail order from a guy from Colorado Springs. The man used two stolen credit cards to pay for the items.

Lost Property: Berthoud Brewing Company, a Niwot resident reported losing his wallet while at this location. The Berthoud Brewing Company employees found the wallet and kept it for safe keeping until it could be returned.

Saturday, June 27

Animal Calls:

1 – Loose dog

1 – Heroic life saving tactics were used to get a raccoon out of window well

Assist to Berthoud Fire: CR 40 and CR 13 a telephone pole was fully involved that started from a ditch burn.

Juvenile Issue: 900 block of Massachusetts Avenue, several juveniles were all involved in verbal disturbance that was going to turn physical over some “old beefs.”

Sunday, June 28

Criminal Tampering: 800 block of Welch Avenue, a resident called to report that the landlord to the property next to hers had put up a fence in the easement between their houses. The landlord admitted to putting the fence up.

Disorderly Conduct/Possession of Drug Paraphernalia: 800 block of Mountain Avenue, deputies were called to the area when a 19-year-old man pulled a knife on a 16 & 17-year-old that all have been arguing with one another. The 19-year-old ran away before deputies arrived. The 16-year-old was found to be in possession of a marijuana pipe.

Harassment: 300 block of Mountain Avenue, a resident called to report that he was being followed by a male who was trying to start a fight with him. The man turned out to be the 19-year-old man from the above case and was arrested

Monday, June 29

Criminal Tampering: 800 block of Welch Avenue, a resident was contacted and summonsed for criminal tampering.

Harassment/Criminal Mischief/Domestic Violence: 200 block of S 1st Street, a 36-year-old woman and a 39-year-old man got into an argument.

Civil: 1000 block of 2nd Street, Papers served

Warrant Arrest: 1500 block of S CR 17, a 58-year-old man was transported to Longmont and transferred to Longmont Police for a Domestic Violence warrant.

Lots of Fireworks complaints

Tuesday, June 30

Vehicle Accident: 700 Block of E CR 8, a motorist was stopped in traffic as the car in front of him was turning into a business. Another motorist could not stop in time and collided with the first motorist.

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