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Friday, June 14, 2024

Berthoud Police Blotter: May 2015

sheriff badge

Provided By
James Anderson
Patrol Sergeant, Berthoud Squad

Friday, May 1

Theft: 100 block of Bunyan Avenue, business owner reported that an unknown person stole 9 empty beer kegs from the back of the business.

Civil Issue/Warrant Arrest: 200 block of E Colorado Avenue, a 38-year-old woman was contacted during a verbal argument between her and her landlord. She was found to have a warrant out for her arrest.

Warrant Arrest: 1500 block of 4th Street, Contact was made with a 29-year-old woman who had an outstanding arrest warrant.

1 contact: 1warning

Saturday, May 2

vehicle Theft: 500 block of 8th Street, a resident reported that his Honda scooter was stolen from his driveway.

Possession Drug Paraphernalia/Juvenile Problems: 200 block of 7th Street, Berthoud Park: Six juveniles were all contacted at Berthoud Park smoking marijuana.

Assist Assisted with the 13th annual Bob Turner 5K Run/Walk event

Assist to Dept. Of Natural Resources/False Imprisonment/Obstruction of Telephone Services/Domestic Violence: 1222 Elm Drive, assisted Larimer Parks Officer with a DV case where the victim resides in Berthoud.

5 contacts: 2 warnings , 3 citations

Sunday, May 3

Honor flight: A Berthoud Deputy worked a detail at Hwy 56 & I-25. A magnificent display of honor, respect, and patriotism for our great Veterans of this country.

Accident: 900 block of Mountain Avenue, a driver was pulling out of a parking spot and swung the front end of her car out striking another parked vehicle.

Warrant Arrest: 200 block of Mountain Avenue, a deputy recognized a 48 year old man getting into his car and knew the man had a warrant. The man was arrested and booked at the jail.

2 contacts: 2 warnings

Monday, May the 4th be with you

assist Serenity Ridge, a 1-1/2 inch gas line was cut by construction workers but caused no other damage.

Accident/Hit and Run: 1st Street & Mountain Avenue, information from a passer-by stated a Tractor Trailer hit one of the light poles in the round-a-bout and knocked it to the ground.

2 Contacts: 2 verbal warnings

Tuesday, May 5

Harassment: 300 block of Bimsom Ave., a resident reported that her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend is sending inappropriate e-mails to her.

Criminal Mischief: Pioneer Park, Someone went into the men’s restroom and plugged all the toilets up with toilet paper and then did their business on top of that. They also painted graffiti on the walls and broke the electric hand dryer.

Fraud: 1300 block of 4th Street, a resident reported someone used her debit card at the south Ft. Collins Wal-Mart.

Disturbance: 300 block of Mountain, last Saturday night an employee made threats.

Animal Problems: Keep Circle, 2 Loose dogs were reunited with their owners and citation issued.

9 Contacts: 3 Citations, 1 Summons, 5 Warnings

Wednesday, May 6

Trespassing: CR10E & CR19 – 5 vehicles were found trespassing on the ditch road and property. They admitted to crossing onto the road and “4 wheeling” causing property damage.

Disturbance: 200 block of E Colorado Avenue, a resident is having issues with a roommate and thinks it might get out of hand.

Follow-up for Animal Complaint: 400 block of Welch Avenue, contacted a resident and give a verbal warning about his dog’s barking.

Family Problems: 200 block of Victoria Street, a 40 year old woman was in a verbal argument with her brother over the care of their mother.

Assault: 200 block of CR10E, a staff member reported a disturbance between two children at the home. The investigation revealed a 14-year-old boy jumped on top of a 12 year old boy while he was sitting on a couch.

3 contacts

Thursday, May 7

Theft: 900 block of Mountain Avenue, an 11-year-old boy was caught shoplifting from Hayes Market.

Neighbor Problems: 900 block of 7th Street, a resident reported her neighbor has taken her cat to the Larimer County Humane Society twice in the past week. Humane Society confirmed the same person has brought in several cats. The neighbor says he is tired of the cats using his yard as a litter box.

Mental Health Issue: 200 block of Mountain Avenue, a 36-year-old female came into the Fire Station stating her mother was kidnapped. She was taken voluntary to the hospital. Deputy verified her parents were.

Driving Under Revocation/Speeding/ Warrant Arrest: CR 17 & CR 4E, a 46 year old woman was contacted for speeding 63/40 mph zone. She was found to be Cancelled/Denied and had a warrant out of Weld.

Suspicious Circumstance: 400 block of Bimson Avenue, resident called after hearing someone enter her home. Later found out that the Property Management had been by to place a lock box on her door and a For Rent sign in the yard.

3 Contacts – 2 warnings, 1 citation, Lots and lots of Rain.

Friday, May 8

Animal At Large: 100 block of Keep Circle, Neighbors report a 2dogs were loose and almost attacked a couple. Owners were cited for Animal at Large.

Soliciting without a License: Chokeberry & Meadowlark, a person was contacted at this location for soliciting and told to stop.

Flood Water Monitoring: Continuous patrols monitoring for flooding. Weld CR7 was closed south of Highway 56 because the bridge had 1.5′ deep standing water.

1 contact: 1 warning

Saturday, May 9

Very busy with multiple checks of south bridges and water flow.

Soliciting without a License: 1100 block of Arapahoe, contacted another solicitor and told to stop

4 contacts, 4 warnings

Sunday, May 10

Suspicious Incident: While checking bridges the deputy contacted an intoxicated 40 year old man walking to Longmont along CR 2E & CR 17. The man made a statement to the deputy that he will pull a gun and shoot us and that “it will be a surprise you can’t stop.” He was not armed today.

Family Disturbance: 100 block of Welch Avenue, received a 911 call from this residence. A 21-year-old woman stated that she and her mother were involved in an altercation.

Monday, May 11

Juvenile School Problems x 4: Juvenile issues with 3 at Turner Middle School and 1 Berthoud Elementary.

Accident with a Deer: Hwy 56 & I-25, a 41-year-old woman was involved in an accident with a deer. The deer was severely injured and had to be put down.

3 contacts, 3 warnings

Tuesday, May 12

Suicide Attempt/72 hour Hold: 900 block of Franklin Avenue, a 32 year old man tied a coax cable around his neck and attempted to hang himself from the backyard tree.

Juvenile Problem: 900 block of Massachusetts Avenue, while conducting a school check , staff advised the deputy that they had a female whom they believed to be under the influence of something.

Family Problems: 700 block of Marshall Place, a parent called to report that when her son, found out she was not making him dinner because of his behavior, he had a temper tantrum and a shoving match ensued.

1 contacts, 1 written warning

Wednesday, May 13

Assist to Medical: CR21 & CR8, Jehovah Witness Church. Several members were cutting down dying trees. Guy with the chainsaw forgot to yell TIMBER and the tree fell, hitting a 78-year-old man on his back.

Assist to State Patrol: I-25 at mile marker 251, a report of a vehicle pulled over to the side of the northbound lane with a female’s leg sticking out of the passenger window. Gone on arrival.

Harassment: 1600 block of Hollyberry, a resident reported that she and her mother were getting threats from her sister who lives in another state but was claiming she was now in Colorado.

Suspicious Vehicle: Berthoud Town Park, report of a red car parked in the parking lot and the driver smoking something from a pipe. Contacted two 18 year old men playing basketball by a red car. One of the men said he was smoking an E-cigarette, which he showed me and does put out a lot of “smoke” but was legal.

Assist to Animal Control: 800 block of Jay Place, information from Larimer Animal Control about a dog bite that was reported from Skyline Urgent Care. An Australian Sheppard bit a 12 year old on the shoulder. Dog was inside his own residence when this occurred. Dog was placed on a 10-day quarantine.

Alarm – False: Guarantee Bank had an alarm activation  from the vault door. Cleaning crew set alarm off.

5 Contacts – 4 warnings, 1 welfare check.

Thursday, May 14

Juvenile Problem: 400 block of Bimson Avenue, a mother stated that her 17-year-old daughter ran away again.

Assist to CDOT: CR 17 & Hwy 287, lights were flashing red and no one was stopping. CDOT asked for traffic control until they got it fixed.

Citizen Assist: A wallet was turned into Town Hall and deputies returned it to the owner.

Suspicious Incident: 800 block of Spartan, final show choir concert with concerns about a student who was restrained from the school showing up. No issues.

Animal Call: 900 block of Welch, neighbor witnesses a loose dog run across the street and go after a lady with a stroller and 2 dogs.

3 Contacts – 2 Warnings, 1 motorist assist​

Friday, May 15

Suspicious Circumstances: 200 block of 7th Street, it was reported a 64-year-old man was pushed down while walking around Berthoud.

Assist to Loveland: 2300 block of Breckenridge Court; assisted Loveland PD and spoke with family of a hit and run suspect.

Assist to Turner Middle School: During the end of the Jr. High Dance a pushing match between boys occured.

2 Contacts, 1 REDDI, located but was just a tired driver, 1 Warning

Saturday, May 16

Traffic Issue: Hundreds of motorcycles in town for “Frank’s Ride for Children” poker run. Numerous complaints from residents.

Dog Bite: Second Street & Indiana Avenue, a 6-year-old asked to pet a leashed dog during a birthday party at Pioneer Park, when the little girl turned to walk away the dog nipped at her. Her skin was not broken. Larimer County Animal Control notified.

6 contacts, 5 warnings, 1 citation

Sunday, May 17

Trespass: CR 10E & CR 17, a 16-year-old male who was trespassing on someone else’s property got his truck stuck in a muddy field while 4-wheeling.

Suspicious Circumstances: 300 block of Bimson Avenue, a resident reported two patio chair cushions were stolen from the patio furniture on her front porch.

Accident: 900 block of Mountain Avenue, two drivers collided into each other in the Hays Market parking lot.

Drove Under Restraint (Revoked)/Defective Brake Lights: Hwy 56 at Mile marker 9, a 22-year-old man was contacted for non-working brake lights. His license was found to be revoked.

3 Contacts – 1 warning, 2 citations

Monday, May 18

Attempted 2nd Degree Burglary/Criminal Mischief: 500 block of Bunyan Avenue, Berthoud Elementary: 4 kids ages 6, 7, 8 & 9 all took part in breaking a school window Saturday at Berthoud elementary. Kids stated that they broke the window in an attempt to go into a classroom and retrieve a mechanical pencil and a fake cell phone from a teacher.

Bicycle Theft: 100 block of 5th Street, a resident called to report her son’s Carbon bike was stolen over the weekend from the bike rack at school. Hopeful a camera at the school may shed light as to the culprit.

Missing Juvenile: 800 block of Spartan Avenue, a 14-year-old boy skipped out on school at noon and ditched the rest of his classes. The 14-year-old has been doing this more often and will usually call later in the night for his mom to come get him.

Family Problems: 300 block of Eighth Street, an intoxicated father got into a verbal argument with his 25-year-old son and 14-year-old daughter.

Accident/Hit and Run: 900 Mountain Avenue, an employer learned from employees that his vehicle was hit in the parking lot. Vehicle description and plate for run vehicle match, along with a description of the male driver.

1 Contact – Written Warning (72 hr tow)

Tuesday, May 19

Suspicious Circumstances: 600 block of Mountain Avenue, 2 kids were at Fickel Park Saturday when they were approached by a suspicious male. This male made multiple inappropriate statements to these young girls. After getting the description of what the man looked like, the subject was identified as a known 24-year-old.

Accident: 900 block of Mountain Avenue, a driver called to report that she had been backed into by another vehicle.

Wednesday, May 20

Located a vehicle that had been parked on the street in the same place for several months. It had expired registration 05/14. A 72 hour tag was placed. A couple hours later vehicle had been moved.

Thursday, May 21

Vehicle Trespass/Theft: 700 block of 8th Street, a resident had his unlocked vehicle entered.

Vehicle Trespass/Theft: 1500 block of 4th Street, a resident had her unlocked vehicle entered.

Vehicle Trespass/Theft: 800 block of Bruce Avenue, a resident had her unlocked vehicle entered. .

Vehicle Trespass/Theft: 1400 block of 4th Street, a resident had his unlocked vehicle entered.

Vehicle Trespass x2/Theft x2: 1200 block of Elm Drive, 2 residents had their unlocked vehicles entered.

2nd Degree Burglary x 4/Criminal Mischief: 200 block of S. 1st Street at the old Berthoud Water Treatment Plant, two 12 year old boys decided to leave Turner Middle School and went to the old treatment plant. The boys broke a window to gain access into one building, kicked in a door at another building, and broke into 2 other buildings. The boys also broke windows and other objects inside of the buildings.

Animal Rescue: 700 block of 3rd Street, a baby fox was found in a 6′ deep window well. Fox captured and removed from window well then released with a verbal warning for trespassing.

Follow up –Accident/Hit and Run: 1000 block of 6th Street, the run vehicle from Monday’s accident was located and towed as evidence.

Vehicle Trespass: 800 block of 5th Street. A resident noticed yesterday morning that her vehicle had been entered.

Friday, May 22

Identity Theft: 800 block of Greenwood Drive, a resident reported someone used her identity to open a JC Penney credit card in Rhode Island.

Transient: 900 block of Massachusetts Avenue, janitors found a 26 year old woman sitting between the trash dumpsters talking to herself.

Burglary: Welch Reservoir, Mead Fishing Club reported someone broke into a locked shed.

Assist to Child Protection Services/Warrant Arrest: 900 block of 3rd Street, CPS asked for LCSO to standby while they conducted an extended interview with mother, children and grandma. It was determined that the mother had a warrant for her arrest.

Vehicle Trespass/Theft: 1300 block of 4th Street, a resident had her vehicle entered.

Criminal Mischief/Accident/Hit and Run: 1st Street and Mountain Avenue, deputy observed that a vehicle crashed into the “1st Street” arrow sign and had done substantial damage to the planter on the north side of the round-a-bout. Several “chrome” parts were located and a Honda symbol was also found. Radiator fluid was observed on the soil.

Lost Property: 700 block of Welch Avenue, a resident called to report that his temporary license plate is lost.

Saturday, May 23

Accident with Injuries: 700 block of E CR 8, a 21-year-old male driver lost control of his vehicle and struck a 79-year-old woman’s vehicle. The woman was taken to the hospital with serious injuries.

Warrant Arrest: 800 block of 5th Street, arrested a 25-year-old man for several warrants.

Accident/Hit and Run: 700 block of 13th Street, a white truck attempted to squeeze between construction vehicles parked on both sides of the road. The squeeze was too tight and is now classified as a motor vehicle accident.

Suspicious Vehicles: Checked the area of Weld CR 40 and the South East frontage road for two suspicious grey vehicles. Two vehicles contacted in the area, one vehicle ran out of gas, the other had mechanical issues.

Fraud: 1400 4th Street, a resident called to report that an unknown individual got access to her checking account information and wrote a check.

Sunday, May 24

Spent time at Fickle Park for the Motorcycle Porker Run. No complaints received.

Vehicle Trespass: 632 Sunnywood Pl, a resident reported someone entered her vehicle.

Vehicle Trespass: 608 Welch Ave, a resident reported some entered his vehicle.

 Vehicle Trespass X 2: 600 block of Mountain Avenue, 2 unlocked vehicles entered.

Forgery: 100 block of Bunyan Avenue, a resident called to report a juvenile male attempted to use a counterfeit $20 bill at a local business.

Monday, May 25

Theft: 600 block of 6th Street, a resident reported someone stole two cushions from their patio furniture located on their front porch

Vehicle Trespass: 200 block of E 2nd Street, a resident reported someone entered her vehicle and went through her glove box and diaper bag.

Vehicle Trespass x2: 100 block of E Iowa Avenue, a resident reported both of his vehicles were entered and someone went through the glove boxes.



School is out for the summer. Please watch out for kids out playing

Tuesday, May 26

Suspicious Circumstances: 600 block of 4th Street, a resident reported a work truck used by his father was missing.

Follow-up: 600 block of 6th Street, a resident reported someone stole his patio furniture cushions. Citizen has video surveillance and a suspect was identified on video.

Vehicle Trespass: 600 block of 5th Street, a resident reported his unlocked vehicle was entered on Saturday.

Found Property: 300 block of Massachusetts Ave., a resident turned over a cardboard box full of very old shotgun ammunition for destruction. 

Death Notification: Assisted Boulder County Coroner by notifying a resident that a relative had passed away unexpectedly.

Weed Problem: 400 block of Indiana Avenue, neighbors called in saying the weeds were very long. 

Noise Complaint Loud music, verbal warning

Information: Contacted by citizen of Berthoud informing us that there is a virtual game called “The Game” that is happening in Berthoud for the next couple of days that will bring approximately 100 visitors to town at weird hours interacting with items around town. 

Wednesday, May 27

Juvenile Exit Interview: Spartan Avenue & 8th Street, a 15-year-old missing juvenile was located walking to school.

Vehicle Trespass/Theft: 600 block of 5th Street: a resident reported that his unlocked vehicle was entered and items taken.

Fraud/Civil Issue: 4100 block of Mount Meeker, a resident called to report that his ex-wife and her boyfriend forged documents and checks.

Suspicious Male: 500 Bunyan Avenue, while on foot patrol at 12:30am, an 18-year-old man was contacted. He told the deputy he was using the Wi-Fi from the school.

Thursday, May 28

Disturbance: 3rd & Welch: 2 men were involved in an altercation.  

Accident/Reckless/Leaving The Scene of an Accident/Drove Under Suspension: CR7 & Hwy 56, a 23-year-old man was traveling east on Hwy 56 at CR7. He did not stop for a female driver who was trying to make a left turn onto CR 7. The man left the scene prior to law enforcement’s arrival but left his totaled vehicle.

Animal Calls: Removed one dog stuck under a car

 Assist: Assisted Berthoud fire on a cut natural gas line at Serenity Ridge

 Assist: Assisted medical on a subject who dropped a large cement jack on his foot. Ouch!

Check Fraud: 300 block of Massachusetts Avenue, a resident paid for a passport with a bad check. She was contacted and served a summons.

Chaperone: An off duty Berthoud Deputy spent time at the Turner Middle School 8th Grade Graduation Dance

Friday, May 29

Found Property: 560 Bunyan Ave: A backpack was found without an owner attached.

Accident: 900 block of Massachusetts Avenue, a driver initially reported that she believed her vehicle was keyed. Upon inspection of the damage, it appears someone in a vehicle hit her bumper.

Criminal Mischief: 600 block of 6th Street, a resident reported that his tail light lens was broken. He also believes that his van alarm was set off the same night.

Animal Calls: Removed off of the street and gave a proper burial to a squirrel.

Juvenile Issues: Multiple complaints from last day of school.

Noise Complaint: Loud music in the parking lot at Berthoud High after school let out for summer. I couldn’t leave school fast enough on my last day.

Saturday, May 30

First Degree Trespass: 900 block of Mountain Avenue, a 40-year-old man was observed inside a van door belonging to a resident. The owner confronts the man who flees. The man comes back and the owner chases him again. The man goes back to the owner’s van and opens the rear door and reaches in removing a triangle square. He then drops the square and confronts the owner and they began shoving each other.

Sunday, May 31

Follow-Up Vehicle Trespasses: 1500 block of Rancho Way, interviewed a possible suspect to the vehicle trespasses.

Accident/Reckless Driving/Disregard Traffic Control Device: Hwy 287 & CR 17, a motorcycle rider was traveling south on CR 17 and ran the red light. He then collided with another motorcycle rider and his passenger as they were westbound on 287 through the intersection.

Returned Runaway: A 15-year-old boy turned himself in at the Berthoud Town Hall.

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