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Monday, May 27, 2024

Derek Good stays on his feet

Late father continues to inspire CSU kick returner



Good follows dad’s advice, stays on feet

By Nick Frank
Athletic Media Relations

If you’re not on your feet to catch it, it will go right past you.

Growing up, that’s what Derek Good’s dad, Matthew, told him repeatedly. Initially, Derek thought that advice meant that he needed to be on his feet to catch a pass, or else of course, it would go right past him.

Like a lot of children that look up to their parents, Derek took everything his dad said as 100 percent truth. The two immediately became friends, playing catch near their home in Eugene, Ore., where Matthew supported the family as a technical engineer.

In 2003, Derek entered high school and he was adamant about running the ball and getting an opportunity to showcase the talent he knew he had, as a freshman. But coaches didn’t see a starting running back; they saw a kick returner.

On his first return, Good broke a few tackles, got hit, and then did the unthinkable: He fumbled the football. Good remembers the sinking feeling in his stomach. READ MORE

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