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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Premier Gymnastics of the Rockies


2014 Season Opener

By Wendy Kenner

September 15, 2014

Premier Gymnastics of the Rockies hosted the 2014 Season Opener Compulsory Gymnastics Meet. The meet was held at Loveland High School on September 6 and 7. The Level 3, 4 and 5 teams from Premier Gymnastics of the Rockies all competed at this season’s first meet. The Level 3 team won 1st place, the Level 4 team placed 4th and the Level 5 team took 3rd place.

There were several top 5 finishes on the Level 3 team. In the Younger Division, Lauren Jacobson placed 1st on Vault and Uneven Bars, 2nd on Floor, and 3rd on Balance Beam. She also won the All Around with a score of 36.0. BraeDee Cason placed 2nd on Uneven Bars and Balance Beam, 3rd on Floor and 4th on Vault. She finished 2nd in the All Around competition. Emma Grassman placed 1st on Floor, 2nd on Vault, 4th on Uneven Bars, 5th on Balance Beam, and took 3rd in the All Around. Kylie Smith placed 3rd on Uneven Bars, and Lillyana Chartier tied for 5th on Floor. In the Middle Division, Madison Kenner placed 1st on Floor, and 3rd on Vault and Uneven Bars. She won the All Around competition with a score of 36.075. Shayanne Ramey placed 2nd on Balance Beam and Floor, 4th on Vault and finished 5th in the All Around. Natalie Treacy placed first on Uneven Bars and Megan English finished in second place on Uneven Bars.

The Level 4 team also had several gymnasts finishing in the top 5. In the Younger Division, Naima Contreras placed 1st on Vault and Floor, and was 4th in the All Around. Payton Rechkemmer tied for 1st on Vault. In the Older Division, Kellie Burden took 3rd on Uneven Bars, 4th on Balance Beam and 5th All Around. Phoebe Gorham tied for 3rd on Vault and placed 4th on Uneven Bars.

The Level 5 gymnasts finished in the top 5 as well. In the Younger Division, Brooklyn Weingardt placed 1st on Floor, 2nd on Uneven Bars, 3rd on Vault and in the All Around. Ashlyn Erickson placed 5th on Balance Beam. In the Middle Division, Taylor Evans placed 2nd on Floor, 3rd on Uneven Bars and 5th on Vault. She won 3rd place in the All Around. Ava Brunner finished 5th on Uneven Bars. In the Older Division, Mia Greeson placed 1st on Floor and Uneven Bars, 2nd on Vault and 5th on Balance Beam. She was the All Around winner with a score of 37.475. Kylie Cook placed 4th on Balance Beam.


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