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Monday, June 24, 2024

Julian Assange-Wikileaks









By Paul Sedkowsk
Julian Assange is not a US citizen, and yet some influential Americans are calling him a “traitor” and trying to pin “espionage” on him. WikiLeaks has published information about virtually all the major governments and corporations around the world, and yet he’s portrayed as specifically “Anti-American,” without a shred of proof to that effect. He’s a publisher, yet they insist on calling him a whistleblower. He’s an eloquent advocate for transparency in government, and yet they call him a terrorist. Even though his (carefully redacted) WikiLeaks releases haven’t seriously harmed any of the wrong-doers they exposed (sort of makes you wonder why, doesn’t it?), he’s nevertheless accused of having blood on his hands! So why is America so dead set against him? Methinks the lady doth protest too much.
 Hell Hath No Fury…
And as if all that wasn’t enough, Assange has been accused by two one-night-stand lovers (furious, once they found out about each other) of having unprotected sex with them. This, in the media’s eyes is enough to decry him as a “sex offender” and occasionally even – get this – gay!. Because that’s what gay people do – have sex with multiple partners of the opposite sex. Hence the gaiety.
And yet, he’s not been charged with any crime – sexual or otherwise – and is, ostensibly, “only” wanted for questioning. He immediately agreed to the questioning. In the UK. But they ignored that request. When he previously showed up for questioning – in Sweden – they released him without charge, dismissing the case as meritless. … Read More
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