June 2024


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Thursday, June 13, 2024

Politicians are pressing the limit

Gary WamsleyBy Gary Wamsley

The Recorder Online

The political season is upon us and I am inundated with press releases. For a time I was just deleting them. I may be cynical, but is seemed to me that many, if not most, are posturing for the upcoming elections. Incumbents are using the power of their position to get on committees and introduce bills that make themselves look like hometown heroes. Challengers, or would be challengers, tell us how brave and honest they are. I have to be fair and evenhanded, if I omit one press release, I need to omit all of them, and that is what I have been doing.

Now I have changed my mind and decided to put all the releases online and let the reader decide for themselves who is telling the truth. A good example is the recent passage of House Bill 1365. Environment Colorado praises the bill, the Colorado Mining Association condemns it. I have posted both views. I just hope the rhetoric this year does overheat my computer and cause damage.

None of this will show up on the home page. I don’t have room for all the content on the front page. However, It is easily available by selecting “Political and Politicians.”

Another “hidden” category that has a lot of information is the “County” selection. There you will find all the press releases about county activities, the Commissioner’s agendas and schedules and news from county agencies. There is a wealth of information under that selection.

Other stories that don’t show up on the main page are Agriculture (A horse in Colorado has been diagnosed with rabies), Legal notices, Faith, and Obituaries (Usually).

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