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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Poudre River Trail at River Bluffs Open Space to Open to the Public

A new section of the Poudre River Trail, located near Windsor, Colorado now open for public access, for the first time.  Trail head is located on the south side of CR 32E between Larimer County Road 3 and Weld County Road 13.

This ½-mile section of trail is an extension of a 21-mile section of the Poudre River Trail that connects Island Grove Park in Greeley, to State Highway 392, west of Windsor. A pedestrian underpass at State Highway 392 was installed in 2009 and a connecting trail into River Bluffs Open Space was completed this year. This new section of trail, known as the Poudre River Trail at River Bluffs Open Space, has been planned since 2004, when River Bluffs Open Space was acquired by Larimer County’s Open Lands Program.

River Bluffs Open Space is a spectacular addition to the Poudre River Trail legacy. Over ½-mile of the Poudre River meanders through the property and provides habitat for waterfowl such as mallard ducks and large mammals like white-tailed deer. River access provides new opportunities for fishing and other water-based recreation.

River Bluffs Open Space got its name from the large bluffs located along the western side of the property. These exposed bluffs are dry and desert like, providing habitat for uncommon reptiles like the horned lizard, a lizard popularly known as a horny toad.

River Bluffs Open Space is also a working farm and helps sustain local agriculture. The property is leased to a local rancher and is used for alfalfa production. Visitors to the open space may notice working irrigation ditches, farm equipment and livestock.

A trailhead for the open space contains parking for 30 vehicles, a water fountain, bike rack and pump, two picnic tables, and a flush toilet.  The trailhead is open but is not complete: The toilet and picnic area are under construction.

River Bluffs Open Space is open daily from dawn to dusk and there is no entrance fee. This is Larimer County Open Lands Programs’ 10th publicly accessible open space and was funded through the Help Preserve Open Spaces sales and use tax, GOCO, the Town of Windsor, and a grant administered by the North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Organization.

A public dedication of River Bluffs Open Space is planned for spring 2011.

To learn more about Larimer County’s parks and open spaces,

visit our website at www.larimer.org/naturalresources.

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