June 2024


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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Ryan budget abandons vetrans


Veteran spending missing from Paul Ryan’s Budget (Video)

Karen Finney, “There is one place where veterans , remarkably, are absent. congressman paul ryan ‘s new budget. in the nearly 100-page document, the word veteran does not appear even once. but without saying that word or writing that word, this budget, if enacted, would cut $11 billion from veteran spending when compared to president obama ‘s budget. someone who has taken this issue on is john salts, who is the chairman of vets.org. john, thank you for being with us.”

Karen Finney, “The piece you wrote for the post was really spot on in terms of just looking at some of the impact these cuts would have on veterans that i think a lot of people don’t realize. can you tell us about that?”

John Soltz, “Sure. obviously you mentioned the $11 billion. republicans have had a long history, even under george bush , where they underfunded the va and they had to crawl back to congress and ask for another billion dollars. they’ve always had a long history. when we were trying to pass the gi bill , six republicans even voted against the gi bill which everyone uses. when you start attacking social security or medicare , it cuts across the board. a lot of veterans are in rural communities . they can’t use tri-care primary. that’s always a secondary care for them after their va, so a lot of them rely on medicare as a second form of insurance. when you start slashing medicare you’re hurting 70% veterans .”  See the Video

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