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Sunday, July 3, 2022

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Death of the Middle Class

Death of the Middle Class

    The Middle Class Faces Extinction—So Does the American Dream Income inequality is now as high as it's been since the Great Depression, and the middle class is nearly extinct. By Steward Lansley This article first appeared in the  Los Angeles Review of Books. Inequality is now one of the biggest political and economic challenges facing the United States. Not that long ago, the gap between rich and poor barely registered on the political Richter scale. Now the growing income ... Full Story

Udall will speak on Senate floor before vote on his

Udall will speak on Senate floor before vote on his Balanced Budget Amendment As a reminder, Udall's amendment: • Requires that the federal budget be balanced each year unless 3/5ths of each House (60 votes in the Senate) vote to waive it for national emergencies. • Requires the President to submit a budget each year that is balanced. • Allows the requirement to be waived when the U.S. is in a declared time of war. • Creates a Social Security lockbox that protects the revenue and ... Full Story

Udall Should Re-Think his Amendment

  By Isabella Woods There is no doubt that US Senator Mark Udall has a strong political pedigree, and he always seems like quite a likeable fellow.  He’s strong on the environment, civil liberties and support for veterans, and keen on adopting a bi-partisan approach to most issues.  Now he wants Congress to agree to change the constitution by accepting his balanced budget amendment. Amendments, and more Amendments The Senator is of course not the first to make such a proposal, although ... Full Story

Udall’s Newsletter Update

Udall’s Newsletter Update

    Mark's Newsletter Update: $15,000,000,000,000
 November 23, 2011   Dear Fellow Coloradan, This month, the United States hit an unfortunate milestone. Our national debt officially passed $15 trillion – an enormous number that represents a serious threat not just to our economy, but also to our national security. This week, the bipartisan congressional "super committee" was unable to reach a deal to cut at least $1.2 trillion from our national debt before its deadline. Its ... Full Story