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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

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One VERY ANGRY American About His Country Letting Down

One VERY ANGRY American About His Country Letting Down Ukraine

  Doug Hiller - a former USAF F-16 Instructor Pilot at MacDill AFB, FL, an IR bachelor and amateur triathlete living in Virginia - published a piece of his mind in Kyiv Post - verbatim - 3–4 min read: I have studied International Relations dating back to the 1970s and was in the military, stationed in Germany, for six years. I am frustrated and stunned by how wrong and inept our US government is. The world that my grandchildren will live in is needlessly being placed in deep jeopardy ... Full Story

Stop Trump

Stop Trump

Dear editor, "We’ve got to make Trump a one-term president"—Bernie Sanders It was with that quote that Bernie Sanders endorsed Joe Biden. And as a strong Bernie supporter, I think it's important people know I'm voting for Joe Biden this November. Trump has shown himself to be a threat to our public health and safety throughout the coronavirus pandemic. He is the worst president in US history and we must do everything in our power to defeat him. Joe Biden was not my first choice. But I ... Full Story

Biggest political lies of 2011

Biggest political lies of 2011

The Whoppers of 2011 The year's worst political deceptions, from both sides. Summary  Despite what you may have heard in 2011: The new health care law won’t cost many jobs (and they’ll be poorly paying jobs at that). Republicans aren’t proposing to “end” Medicare (and Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden has signed onto a modified version of the GOP plan). Most of the “millionaires” who would pay higher tax rates under a Democratic proposal aren’t job-creating small-business ... Full Story