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Monday, October 2, 2023

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A Story of Fear, Intimidation and Threat in

A Story of Fear, Intimidation and Threat in Walker’s Wisconsin

        Nests of Snakes Revealed: A Story of Fear, Intimidation and Threat in Walker's Wisconsin By noise of rain Though I had never met Mary before, I messaged her when I saw that some rightwing Walker support groups had published her home address and phone number on Facebook. She was a Facebook "friend" through activist channels, so I figured I would let her know her info was made public. She already knew. They've posted her private info five times since summer, and have ... Full Story

Spotlight on bullying in Berthoud

Spotlight on bullying in Berthoud

  Following the suicide of a Turner Middle School eighth-grader in March there has been a great deal of talk about bullying in the Berthoud Schools. Tuesday saw two separate events about bullying. Many definitions of bullying were expressed at these meetings, but the basic tenets were the same. Bullying is repetitive, persistent abusive behavior with the purpose of causing physical or mental harm. It revolves around an imbalance of power and may involve verbal harassment or physical ... Full Story

A public meeting to address bullying and suicide

A public meeting will be held to address bullying and suicide prevention in the Berthoud schools following a recent suicide. In attendance will be regional bullying and suicide prevention experts and concerned citizens.  School administrators and members of the local and surrounding police departments have been invited. May 3, 2011 at 7 p.m. in the Berthoud Area Community Center, 248 Welch Ave., Berthoud.