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Sunday, May 19, 2024

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LTO April 2017 Star Night

LTO April 2017 Star Night

  Public Star Night - Friday, April 21 2017 Doors Open 7:00 p.m. - Guest Speaker: 7:30-8:30  p.m. - Observing: 8:30 - 10:00 p.m.    The guest speaker is Dr Gordon MacAlpine, and the title of his presentation is “Earth’s Climate Past, Present, and Back to the Future” This public talk, supplemented with visual aids, is intended for a general audience. We will examine changing climatic conditions on Earth, from its origin just over 4.5 billion years ago to ... Full Story

They’re Coming for Your Kids

  Recently leaked documents from the Heartland Institute, a right wing funded think tank, outline a sinister plot to teach phony science and to dissuade teachers from teaching science in out schools. The documents were first published on, a site dedicated to combating the disinformation campaign of climate change deniers. Heartland reacted quickly on Wednesday when the documents first appeared, claiming they were stolen and that at least one was fake. One of the articles ... Full Story

Early earth may have been prone to deep freezes

  Early earth may have been prone to deep freezes, says Cu-Boulder study   Two University of Colorado Boulder researchers who have adapted a three-dimensional, general circulation model of Earth’s climate to a time some 2.8 billion years ago when the sun was significantly fainter than present think the planet may have been more prone to catastrophic glaciation than previously believed. The new 3-D model of the Archean Eon on Earth that lasted from about 3.8 billion years to 2.5 ... Full Story