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Monday, June 24, 2024

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Volunteers still needed

Volunteers still needed

Seventh Annual Weld Project Connect Oct. 20; volunteers still needed Volunteers are still needed to help be navigators for the guests at the seventh annual Weld Project Connect at Island Grove Park in Greeley on Oct. 20. Weld Project Connect is a one-day event that provides free on-site services such as haircuts, flu shots, medical screenings, senior services, veterans’ services, legal counseling and many other services to those in need. A total of 1,225 people received services ... Full Story

Libya Situation Report, October 20, 2011

Libya Situation Report, October 20, 2011

Reuters is reporting that a local military commander in the city of Misrata, where the forces which captured Gaddafi took his body, said "over-enthusiastic" fighters took matters into their own hands when they came face to face with the man they despise. "We wanted to keep him alive but the young guys, things went out of control," he said speaking on condition of anonymity. -Reuters "Clues to Gaddafi's death concealed from public view"     Situation Report October 20, 2011 Prepared by: ... Full Story

EarthSky Tonight—Tonight October 20, Moon washes out

EarthSky Tonight—Tonight October 20, Moon washes out Orionid meteors, but guides you to Jupiter

Courtesy of EarthSky A Clear Voice for Science www.EarthSky.org The almost full waxing gibbous moon makes 2010 an unfavorable year for watching tonight’s Orionid meteor shower. However, that same big bright moon near Jupiter will be a sight to behold. Meteors first. The Orionid meteor shower will probably rain down their greatest number of meteors for 2010 before dawn on Thursday, October 21, 2010. Only diehard meteor enthusiasts will be watching, however, as the meteors are sure to be few ... Full Story