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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

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Penstemon: A colorful choice for water wise gardening

Penstemon: A colorful choice for water wise gardening

By Erika StroteColorado State University Extension Master Gardener in Larimer CountyIt may be hard to recall, given the amount of moisture we have seen this spring and summer, but the ongoing drought that is occurring in many areas of the western United States serves to remind us that water is a precious resource. Many gardeners are rethinking the plants they grow in order to conserve the amount of water they use in their landscape. Luckily, gardening with water conservation in mind does not ... Full Story

Rocky Mountain Farmers Union Writes Congress on Oil

Rocky Mountain Farmers Union Writes Congress on Oil Shale

Rocky Mountain Farmers Union Writes Congress on Oil Shale DENVER – Rocky Mountain Farmers Union (RMFU) responded to Rep. Doug Lamborn’s PIONEER Act today by writing Rep. Scott Tipton, who represents the Western Slope, asking that he reconsider his opposition to an amendment requiring more study before we charge into another round of oil shale speculation. “Rep. Lamborn’s bill has been lambasted in his own local newspaper,” said RMFU President Kent Peppler, “in an op-ed that calls ... Full Story

Farm union unhappy with Tipton

Farm union unhappy with Tipton

  Rocky Mountain Farmers Union Ad Questions Tipton Vote Farmers and Ranchers Concerned About Oil Shale Impact on Water Supply DENVER – The nonprofit Rocky Mountain Farmers Union (RMFU) today announced it will run advertisements in eight western Colorado newspapers over the coming days, expressing its continued concerns about water-intensive commercial oil shale development. RMFU represents farmers and ranchers in Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico. “Western farmers and ranchers, who ... Full Story

Berthoud BOT November 16 2010 agenda

Town Administrator Hart talks water

By Judy Lehn Wednesday’s Citizen First forum on Berthoud water drew about 50 residents who wanted to hear what Town Administrator Michael Hart had to say. The subjects covered ranged from the annual foul smelling and tasting water, to the “exorbitant” water bills paid by town citizens. Hart began by saying that the Town is doing a full assessment of anything that has to do with water quality. The reservoir “went upside down” a month early this year, which did not give the town quite ... Full Story

Forum on Berthoud Water

Forum on Berthoud Water

Citizens First, a group for Berthoud residents who seek community involvement, will host a water forum on Wednesday, August 4 from 7-8:30 p.m. at the Berthoud Community Center, 248 Welch Avenue. The guest speaker will be Berthoud Town Administrator Michael Hart, who will address the issues of water quality as well as the alternatives now being discussed to correct the current situation. In addition, TA Hart will give a detailed analysis of the development of Berthoud’s utility bill and the ... Full Story

Water storage is critical to Northern Colorado’s

Water storage is critical to Northern Colorado’s future

By State Representative B.J. Nikkel House District 49 In Northern Colorado, we are able to enjoy the bounty of produce grown on the tens of thousands of acres of farmland in Larimer and Weld Counties irrigated by the precious waters flowing down from our high country. This has all been made possible by the visionaries who preceded and provided for us. These irrigated farmlands provide open space between our growing communities and also allow us to grow top quality foods to put on our ... Full Story

Ag Rally for Northern Colorado Water Project Set for

Ag Rally for Northern Colorado Water Project Set for July 15

Weld County, Colo. - Northern Colorado farm and ranch organizations and public officials have announced an ag rally to show support for the Northern Integrated Supply Project, a proposed water storage project that is a cooperative venture between agricultural ditch companies and growing northern Front Range communities. NISP would help prevent the aggressive dry up of thousands of additional acres of farmland in Northern Colorado while providing a responsible water management tool for growing ... Full Story

CSU Researchers, Cities and Farmers Work Together to

CSU Researchers, Cities and Farmers Work Together to Solve Water Challenges

FORT COLLINS - In 2007, Parker Water and Sanitation District, a Front Range water supplier, and Colorado State University joined forces to develop a new approach to meeting Colorado’s water challenges. Growing municipal and industrial water demand has led to the “drying-up” of irrigated farms in Colorado. Farms - and their water rights - are being purchased by municipalities and water rights are transferred from agricultural to municipal purposes. More “buy-and-dry” of irrigated ... Full Story