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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

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Tips on Winterizing Sprinkler Systems

Tips on Winterizing Sprinkler Systems

Indian Summer Temps Lulling Homeowners Into False Sense of Security DENVER, CO - It is a date professional landscape contractor John Reffel, III, owner of JLS Landscape & Sprinkler, Inc., remembers well. Last year, on October 10, overnight temperatures dipped to 16 degrees. “That early freeze caught many homeowners off guard, and caused extensive damage across Northern Colorado to sprinkler systems that were not winterized or protected,” said Reffel, a member of the Associated ... Full Story

Master Gardeners get ready for winter

Gardening Tips By: Mitzi Davis Colorado State University Extension Master Gardener in Larimer County Fertilize your lawn if it is a cool season grass like bluegrass, fescue or ryegrass, and help it recover from the stress of summer drought and heat. Apply a high nitrogen, water soluble, fertilizer at a rate of 1lb. of nitrogen per 1000 square feet. The first number on the bag is nitrogen (N) and is the percentage of nitrogen in the fertilizer.  If the first number is ... Full Story