June 2024


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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

The “Heart” of the 2012 Presidential Campaign





What a privilege we have in this country to vote for the person who is arguably the most powerful head of state in the free world.

Those of us who enjoy personal involvement in politics find these campaigns driven by high spirits, high expectations and even higher emotions. However, there has been a new element introduced to the election this year – that of hatred. This isn’t just “simple” hatred but rather the kind that is so intimidating that even those of us who recognize the hate-filled lies bandied around by the Republican Party for what they are can be intimidated.

The political hatred, lies and manipulation by the Republican Party has truly made me heartsick. The joy of exercising my role in a government I have studied and loved for so many years is being methodically stripped out of my hands by people who either don’t know the facts or are just too excited to take part in a Republican-sanctioned lynch mob.

When I recently had the privilege to sit on the dais just a few feet behind President Barack Obama when he spoke at the Auraria Campus, I was struck by his humility and grace in the face of such overwhelming and undisguised hatred and indescribable odds.

Political affiliation isn’t nearly as important as political integrity. In my mind, I’d rather you cast a vote for any candidate at any level based on facts rather than blindly follow what the universal “they” have spewed in order to influence those who haven’t taken the time to do the research.

Democrats and Republicans alike deserve to have the joy and liberty of voting returned to us.

Clauda Todd-Young
Loveland, Colorado

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