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Monday, November 30, 2015

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Video tour of Big Thompson Canyon

Go to the following link to tour the flood ravaged Loveland, Big Thompson Canyon and Estes Park Colorado with Larimer County Sheriff, Justin Smith.

Larimer County Fair: 4-H Fashion and Cats

Larimer County Fair: 4-H Fashion and Cats

  Fashion Review Fashion Revue - Units 1-4 - Unit 1 - Junior      Blue - Abigail Baker, Loveland, CO      Blue - Champion - Kammi Carson, Fort Collins, CO      Blue - Brooke Carlson, Loveland, CO      Blue - Sammy Lefebvre, Fort Collins, CO      Blue - Hope Albert, Fort Collins, CO      Blue - Reserve - Christina Ogg, Wellington, CO      Blue - Calina Peters, Fort Collins, CO Fashion Revue - Units 1-4 - Unit 1 - Intermediate      Blue - Amanda Holly, Fort ... Full Story

Did a “Troubled Teen” Rehab Create

Did a “Troubled Teen” Rehab Create Murderers?

In March, Evan Ebel gunned down the Colorado state police chief and was later shot dead by cops after a car chase. This was only the most recent in a string of bizarre murders by men who attended a brutal teen rehab called Paradise Cove. The crimes are heinous: murdering a pizza deliveryman for his uniform, then wearing it to shoot down Colorado’s state prison chief; hiring a hit man to kill your parents; stabbing both of your grandfathers to death. Besides the horror, these recent ... Full Story

Bye, Bye American Dream!

  Bye, Bye American Dream! U.S. Economic Inequality Is Permanent, Study Finds By Steven Rosenfeld Analysis of two decades of income tax trends also find the rich consume more. A new study by a team of economists in academia and the government has concluded that economic inequality is a permanent—not temporary—feature in the United States, based on an analysis of 350,000 federal income tax returns between 1987 and 2009. “For household income, both before and after taxes, the increase ... Full Story

Colorado to look at death penalty

Colorado to look at death penalty

Victim families call for death penalty repeal as bill is introduced DENVER_ Thirty family members of Colorado murder victims called on lawmakers to repeal the state’s death penalty today as legislation was introduced in the Colorado House this evening. “As lawmakers consider whether to keep or end Colorado’s death penalty, we urge them to make the choice that best serves the interests of victims’ families,” the letter states. “We hope they will conclude what we have: that the death ... Full Story

Your comprehensive answer to every Sandy Hook

Your comprehensive answer to every Sandy Hook conspiracy theory

  Every conspiratorial allegation about the tragic Newtown shootings, answered   By Alex Seitz-Wald While it’s often best not to engage with conspiracy theorists on their own turf, as you can probably never convince them, it’s worth setting the record straight on all the myths and phony evidence surrounding the Sandy Hook massacre. We’ve rounded up every major piece of evidence we could find that leads theorists to say the “official narrative” of events “doesn’t add ... Full Story

Colorado Republican SOS incompetent

    Palacio: Incompetence No Justification For Denying Citizens Right to Vote Denver - Colorado Democratic Party Chairman Rick Palacio issued the following statement today regarding the Secretary of State’s website repeated failures in the final week of voter registration. The Secretary of State’s website continues to crash today – the final day of voter registration – as it has on repeated occasions over the last several days, making it unnecessarily difficult for Coloradans ... Full Story

Paul Ryan’s Plan For American Decline

Paul Ryan’s Plan For American Decline

    By Joe Conason If the foreign adversaries and competitors of the United States imagined a future that would fufill their most ambitious objectives, it might begin with a government crippled by the House Republican leadership’s “Ryan budget” released on Tuesday. Followed to its absurd conclusion, this document would lead America toward a withered state, approaching the point where Marxian dreams and Randian dogma converge. Or at least that’s the view suggested by the sober ... Full Story

Colorado AFL-CIO Report

Colorado AFL-CIO Report

Working Families Mid-Session Report         Mike Cerbo Executive Director Colorado AFL-CIO       Midway through 120 days of the 2012 legislative session of the Colorado General Assembly the Colorado AFL-CIO wanted to provide an overview of the accomplishments and disappointments with legislation pertaining to jobs and the economy. The good news: the economy is starting to improve. The bad news: opponents of working families are not helping and often actively ... Full Story

Heartland Institute threatens 71-year-old veteran

  By Gary Wamsley Editor When I read the original articles on the release of confidential documents from the Heartland Institute board meeting, (see They’re Coming for Your Kids)  I was infuriated. I reacted by sending a strongly worded email to the president and all the board members of the Heartland Institute. Surprisingly, one board member and institute president Joseph Bast responded to my email. Bast’s response is one that I would consider threatening. He said he was turning the ... Full Story

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