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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Berthoud CARES thanks Berthoud Community Fund

Berthoud CARES
PO Box 869
Berthoud, CO 80513

November 12, 2010

Dear Editor:

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Berthoud CARES, we would like to extend our thanks to the Berthoud Community Fund and the Community Foundation of Northern Colorado for their support of our organization and our Kids Helping Kids grant program, which has been designed to lend immediate financial assistance to those children and families within the Berthoud community.  Thanks to this grant assistance, Berthoud CARES will be able to help those in need in our community in the days ahead.

The Kids Helping Kids grant program was developed in 2008 by the Board of Directors of Berthoud CARES as a way to financially assist those children and families who are struggling within our community. This fund was developed with the belief that even small amounts of money, carefully used, can have an impact on someone’s life.  Funding from this program will provide one-time financial assistance to children/families who are facing short-term crisis situations and whose needs are not met by other public or private programs.

Berthoud CARES has sent information to each Berthoud school with the intent of obtaining their support and possible applicants during the school year 2010/11.  We are hopeful that the school administrators will work with us to not only recommend those students in need in their facilities but will encourage their student bodies to assist Berthoud CARES with fundraising throughout the year as a way in which to compliment the funding given by the Berthoud Community Fund. The intent of the program is “kids helping kids” and we hope that each of our schools will become actively involved with Berthoud CARES to assist and support those within their communities!

As an overview to the citizens of Berthoud, below are basic guidelines for the Kids Helping Kids grant program:

  • Requests for grant support from the Kids Helping Kids fund must come through a Berthoud area school.
  • Individuals may not apply on their own.
  • Payments from this fund are paid directly to vendors of those applicants.

No funds are given directly to individuals.

Additional Kids Helping Kids guidelines and official application may be obtained from the Berthoud CARES website at berthoudcares.com.

As we embark on the Season of Giving in our community, Berthoud CARES would like to encourage others to match the support of the Berthoud Community Fund and make personal contributions to our organization and the Kids Helping Kids grant funding. We are hopeful that many within our community will assist us in our efforts to lend support to those in need during the months ahead.  To make year end tax-deductible gifts to those in our community, send your donations to Berthoud CARES, PO Box 869, Berthoud, CO 80513.

Again, our thanks to the Berthoud Community Fund for their continued support and generosity. Thanks to their lead this year, we will be available to help our children in the days ahead!


The Board of Directors
Berthoud CARES

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