June 2024


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Monday, June 17, 2024

Answering Joe Dion’s Stomping Stamps


EBT means Electronic-Balance-Transfer. While, yes, the EBT card may hold “food stamp” benefits for some, others get cash assistance and can use the card, like a debit card, most anywhere credit cards are accepted. What Mr. Dion saw “Mr. EBT” doing at McDonalds˙ was not purchasing fast food with food stamps but with a cash allowance.

Yes the entire welfare system is out of control. But the reader needs to take a look around the whole warren not just the one little rabbit hole he seems to have stumbled across. EBT is a socialist agenda, that is true. Don’t take my word for it, research the ten pillars (or planks) of communism and draw your own parallels within your federal government. Unfortunately many families need EBT and there’s a lot more influencing their need than just “welfare.” The biggest thing to look at here is the source of the problem. Food prices are skyrocketing due to a devaluing of the fiat currency known as the Federal Reserve Note and the fact that your federal government pays farmers to idle their fields. That doesn’t even begin to touch on the FDA’s raiding of small farms and gardens or Monsanto’s “rights” to crops that their seeds contaminated! I could go one for pages about the connection to land-ownership, how many of our family farms were taken during the great depression and now instead of growing our own… well never mind… lets just sum this up to “enslavement.”

“Doggie treats” at Wal-Mart˙ on food stamps? Try again. Sounds like the reader has a personal vendetta. Don’t compare one experience with a sociopath that manipulated you, and the system, with hungry mothers who need food for their babies. Get the dollar backed by something other than promises and the system can be changed. In the meantime, it’s only well meaning, giving folks, like Mr. Dion who can help curb the problem. Because America really doesn’t need welfare if we have many like Mr. Dion who are willing to share and help their fellow man – and I believe American is full of good-hearted people like that. I only wish Mr. Dion were better informed because information is the only way to win the welfare war. On the other hand I’m personally convinced America is doomed, it’s been on a downward spiral since May 1st 1776 with the coup d’tat in the lodges.

One Love,
Emily Roberts







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