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Saturday, June 22, 2024

Ask Gardner to support the PUPS Act

Our dogs are family members. We include our dogs in family outings, in deciding where to live, what’s for dinner, who sleeps where on what part of the bed. Dogs have been an integral part of our existence for thousands of years. The human canine bond is the longest interspecies relationship that has ever existed.

Yet, this reality collides with the existence of dog producers who breed and sell dogs by the thousands every year solely for profit. These dogs consistently show up at pet stores, on pretty websites that depict little puppies on downy blankets – a cover for the horror of wire cages piled high with dogs, feces-strewn kennels, females being bred over and over without a break, very little if no veterinary care, etc.

A statewide non-profit, Colorado Citizens for Canine Welfare (3CW) is asking our US Representatives and Senators to co-sponsor the PUPS Act which will close an Internet sales loophole in the Animal Welfare Act. It will also require USDA breeder licenses for anyone selling over 50 dogs a year, kennels that are free of pest infestation and that dogs get one hour of exercise a day. The opposition has lots to say:

“It will dramatically reduce the number of dogs available to the public.”
Pet Industry and Joint Advisory Council.

“The need for exercise is not scientifically proven” AKC. Yes, that AKC.
American Kennel Club.

“We won’t have enough dogs for law enforcement and the disabled.”
Sportsmen and Animal Owner’s Alliance 

Really? We kill nearly 4 million dogs a year at shelters.

Yes, commercial dog breeders will have to work harder. It will cost them more. But the economy should not be an excuse to allow the continued exploitation of our best friend. Join me in asking US Representative Cory Gardner to sponsor the PUPS Act. Go to http://gardner.house.gov/office/ft-collins or call his office 970-221-7110. Go to our site www.coloradocanine.wordpress.com and find out more about the PUPS Act or research it yourself. But tell Rep. Gardner that our best friend and his buddies need a favor. A really big favor. It’s a matter of life or death.

Mary Roberts is a Larimer County real estate agent who blogs about homes and dogs at www.coloradohomesandhounds.com. She is Communications Director for 3CW which educates the public about puppy mills, pet stores and Internet sales.

Editor: Call your local representative if you are not In Colorado HD-4

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