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Sunday, February 25, 2024

Ball can get job done

Rich Ball should be elected to the Senate District 15 post. He believes in performance-based audits of government departments and incentives for them to stop use-it-or-lose-it spending gimmicks that can be wasteful. Results would have to be proven before budgets are allocated.

As a former small-business man, he will help businesses bring jobs to Colorado.

He has volunteered with Habitat for Humanity, Meals on Wheels, Rotary Club and many more.

He will take his public-service ethic to the Legislature. He is a native Lovelander whose family has been here since 1889.

His opponent, Kevin Lundberg, is ineffective in representing our district because he gets very few of his bills passed. He was the only legislator who voted against censuring Douglas Bruce (who would not support a resolution honoring veterans) for unbecoming behavior, such as kicking a photographer. He is too extreme.

We need someone who can get the job done. That person is Rich Ball.

Marilyn Heller

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