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Friday, July 19, 2024

“Dearly Departed” playing in Berthoud



In the opening scene, Bud (Tom Patterson) reacts to his wife reading aloud, a letter from his sister. The stress will prove to be too much.

The Moon Theater Company’s latest production “Dearly Departed,” opened last night to uproarious laughter. In a great bit of type casting, Tom Patterson has a non-speaking role as Bud, who quickly becomes the  “Dearly Departed.” There will be a series of  celebrity “dearly departing” guest Buds throughout the run of the show: Saturday, Nov. 5, Rick Padden; Sunday, Nov. 6, Don Kraus; Friday, Nov. 11, Leonard Sherman; Saturday, Nov. 12, Rev. Keith Watson; and Sunday, Nov. 13, Stu Boyd.



The intimate setting at the Methodist Church in Berthoud is a wonderful venue for a play of this type. The audience is drawn into the problems of this dysfunctional family as they deal with their feelings toward their husband/father/brother who has left this world so suddenly. We can feel sympathy for the departed and perhaps understand why his wife of 29 years wanted to have “mean and surly” carved on his tombstone. We can laugh at the obliviousness of the characters to their situation.

The play consists of a series of short scenes and the actors do a wonderful job of building the continuity of the story as the Joy of Life Singers and the organ music (the organ is for sale) aid the transition between events. Amid the frustration and anger among the family, the affection and love eventually shows through.

The cast and staff is a showcase of local talent and the local theater group has again created a great evening of entertainment. Highly recommended.

Performances are Nov. 4, 5, 11 & 12 (7:30 p.m.) and Nov. 6 & 13 (2 p.m.) at the United Methodist Church (lower level stage), 820 9th St. in Berthoud.

Tickets: $10, adult, and $8 for students and seniors.

The family gathers to pick a casket and decide on a tombstone inscription. The situation leads to a fist fight between Ray-Bud and Junior
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