June 2024


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Sunday, June 23, 2024

Do nothing congressman: Cory Gardner





If you were watching the Rocky Mountain PBS “Colorado State of Mind” Forum on Friday evening, then you also heard Congressman Cory Gardner state, “Nobody understands agriculture better than I do.”

As a farmer in Weld County, it’s not just the arrogance of that statement that offends me – it’s saying that and then letting the Farm Bill expire that really bothers me.

When I traveled to Washington DC earlier this month to talk to members of Congress about passing this bill for us farmers, I was told that they have the votes to get it passed, but leaders in Congress didn’t want the other side to win political points. So they won’t even let Congress vote on it. The Farm Bill expires on Sunday, and Congress is doing nothing.

Obstructionist politicking like this makes me sick, but more importantly, it prevents farmers from doing our job and providing food for our country. We plan our crops years in advance, and without a Farm Bill, we don’t have the stability we need to protect ourselves from severe droughts and crop loss.

I’m tired of politicians who claim they know everything, but do nothing. I’m proud to support Brandon Shaffer, someone who will actually listen to farmers.

Cory Gardner had the chance to sign a petition to bring the Farm Bill to the House floor for a vote. Did Cory sign it? Nope. Leaders in Congress are the ones holding up this bill, and he doesn’t want to fall out of favor with them. He cares more about what other politicians think about him than what Colorado farmers need to do their job, and that’s disgraceful.

Despite the fact that “Nobody understands agriculture better than” Cory Gardner does, he might not realize how upset Colorado farmers are with him.


Jerry Hergenreder
Weld County, Colorado

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