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Sunday, May 22, 2022

Exchange Student host family thanks Berthoud Community


To the Editor



As the host parents of the exchange student who was recently in the news, we would like to offer our sincere gratitude to the community of Berthoud for their tremendous kindness and support. 
Our exchange daughter had been the victim of a very violent attack in Germany several years ago that was never reported.  She re-enacted that crime here in Berthoud as a cry for help. While we all wish that she had found another way to tell us what she needed, we are relieved for her that she is finally going to have a chance to heal from that pain. She has returned to Germany to be with her family. 
We know that she is deeply sorry for any pain or harm she caused this community, and hopefully she will someday be able to express that herself.
 We are grateful to the Berthoud Police Department and the FBI for their professionalism and efforts to help this troubled young woman. We also wish to thank the Berthoud High School staff and student community for their compassion and kindness in a difficult and frightening situation. Berthoud truly is no place for hate.

Jen and Dan Rotar




Berthoud High School foreign exchange student rescinds allegations about ‘hate crime’

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