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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Family Planning

To the Editor:

Dear God,

When you told us to “be fruitful and multiply”, did you intend for this multiplying to go on, unchecked, forever? Perhaps it’s time for new orders, like “Stop! Enough with the multiplying! I gave you the brains to figure out family planning. By now you should have had the sense to use it.

“You humans are spoiling my beautiful planet. You’re using up all the resources and filling the land and seas with garbage. Your wars wreak havoc on everyone and everything in their paths. Your greed and your sheer numbers are pushing my other creatures into extinction. “Enough, already!

You could have limited your numbers humanely, but you chose not to. Now I’m turning this over to Mother Nature, who will reduce your numbers the old-fashioned way – through war, pestilence, famine and disease.”

We have seen a lot of wars, famine and disease lately, along with earthquakes, floods and tornados. The threat seemed a little light on the pestilence, but now, here come the bedbugs.

Ann Harroun

Loveland, Colorado

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