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Sunday, July 14, 2024

In support of Romanoff

Dear Friends and Neighbors:

The other day I was walking door to door for Romanoff when I knocked on the door of a registered voter who told me that she no longer votes.

I have always maintained that if one is disgusted by politics one should participate more, not less, since how else will things change.

It turned out, however, that the woman was a Jehovah’s Witness, and although I didn’t know it, they don’t vote. Since I have a commitment to democracy and voting, I urged her, in a respectful way, to consider whether the Bible actually does prohibit political participation.

As I walked away I laughed to myself at the irony of canvassing a Jehovah’s Witness.

It is really quite amazing.

The candidate I am supporting for the US Senate, Andrew Romanoff, has spent less than one dollar for every three spent by our opponent.

Our opponent has been endorsed by practically the entire political establishment.

Our opponent has raised money from the political action committees of many, if not most, of the major corporations, and interests in America, including Walmart, United Health Group, the New York Stock Exchange, Pfizer, PHarma, JPMorgan Chase, Wellpoint, Anadarko Petroleum, the American Bankers Association and Visa.

And yet I believe Andrew is going to win.

Two reasons.

1. He is a quality candidate; smart, hard-working, well-spoken, honest and possessed of self-deprecating humor.

2. He is relying on the people of Colorado to support his campaign, turning down campaign contributions from the political action committees of special interests.

I have known Andrew for 16 years. He ran for my House seat when I ran for the Senate. He became the Speaker of the House when I became the Majority Leader in the Senate. We represented the same district.

Andrew has done some hard things in this campaign for which he deserves credit. When you forego contributions from special interests you embark on a difficult road. It is not the common way people run for office.

Few would have persevered as the big money and establishment endorsements went the other way. Few candidates are committed enough to sell their house to raise money for the campaign.

I think Andrew and the people of Colorado are going to beat the political establishment and millions in special-interest money donated for the purpose of buying influence.

Some people fight for what is right every day. They never completely win, and they never completely lose, but the world is a better place because they engage in the fight.

I have met hundreds of these people on this campaign.

Thank you.


Ken Gordon

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