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Monday, July 22, 2024

Leigh Bercaw featured at Macalester College


Leigh Bercaw, (File photo)














Leigh Bercaw: Renaissance woman

By Rachel Adler

TMW: Let’s start with the basics. Where are you from? What’s your Major? And what is your spirit animal?

Leigh: Oh man! Those are good questions. I’m from Berthoud, Colorado. Technically [Berthoud] was a French explorer, I guess, so it should be pronounced like “bear too,” but if you’re from my town it’s “birth id.” So I’m from Berthoud. I’m an Anthro major, and my spirit animal…well, my sister will claim that if I were any animal, I would be a water buffalo. While I feel reluctant to accept that as a spirit animal, there are some qualities of the water buffalo that I admire.

What are those qualities?

They’re pretty nonchalant, but they’re not ashamed of themselves. They take up a lot of space; they’re out there roaming on the wild plains looking for water. I just like them a lot. Plus, their horns are out of control! Way loopy. Mountain goats are also really cool because they have those tiny hooves to hop around on those crags. I think that’s the story behind hiking boots; they want you to feel like you have tiny hooves so that you can just bound from rock to rock. At least I know I feel that way when I’m in my hiking boots. READ MORE

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