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Friday, May 24, 2024

Smith Best Qualified for Sheriff

Dear Citizens of Larimer County:

The office of sheriff requires minimum standards to perform the duties successfully, just as any other organizational leader should have. Education, professional experience, personal experience, and the respect of peers are some of those minimum standards. The leader of a sheriff’s office in this century should have years of law enforcement experience, management experience, leadership experience, educational experience, and the respect of peers that naturally comes from recurring interaction, decision-making, and working together in matters of importance. When I compare job candidates, I look at work history, relevant education, and overall life experiences to find the best candidate. I know that most people seeking solid employees do just that. Certainly, seeking the best candidate for the leader of an office, such as the office of sheriff, should require no less diligence and thoughtful evaluation.

Look at the relative “applications” of the candidates for Larimer County Sheriff. I find Justin Smith to be the candidate with what it takes to lead this large and important organization. What do you think?

Dr. Michael P. McKenna
Loveland, CO

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