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Saturday, May 18, 2024

Sweeney for HD49


To the Editor,

As an Independent voter, I decided to review my options for leadership in the Colorado House of Representatives for District 49. As the Internet seemed to be the best source, I found a debate between the two candidates that was compelling enough to support my voting decision.

The Estes Park League of Women Voters sponsored a Candidate Forum on September 22 that conveyed the platforms of both candidates.

What was most concerning in this opportunity to hear the candidates was the moderator’s comment that Mrs. Buck had communicated that she preferred to not address three issues that appear on the State and County ballot. One of these issues was the Mental Health Detox & Substance Abuse facility on which the citizens will vote. Later in the forum, Mrs. Buck was unfamiliar with yet an additional issue on the ballot when asked by the moderator. Mrs. Buck did, however, make it clear that she did not want to see the minimum wage increased.

As a voting citizen, I submit that it is our duty to elect politicians who exhibit full knowledge of all the issues. As well, it is imperative to choose someone who shows an insightful perspective with sincere compassion for the citizens. These qualities were clearly seen in Buzz Sweeney that evening. I am grateful to the LWV for this informative video that shows Mr. Sweeney is a man who is responsive and open to conversations about his constituents even if the topics are challenging or difficult issues. That is what real leadership is about for our state.

I invite you to listen to that video which is on Mr. Sweeney’s website listed below. It truly convinced me that this thoughtful candidate, who shows respect for the needs of his constituents, has earned my vote.

Karen Speed
Windsor, Colorado

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