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Saturday, May 18, 2024

Tom Donnelly for Commissioner


Tom Donnelly is the proven choice for Larimer County Commissioner. Tom’s record of achievement as our county commissioner clearly supports his re-election. Tom is a husband and father of four and from his farming roots to his current service as Larimer County Commissioner, Tom is a hard worker. He demonstrates respect for you and I by his day to day commitment to what’s important to us – lowering the cost of government while providing significant positive impact by local government.

Tom leads from the front when it comes to fiscal responsibility – he led the advance against the rising cost of local government by returning $2.5 million dollars to county taxpayers – an action almost unheard of today. Just this week the Coloradoan reported the long-awaited I-25 expansion deal that Tom has led, was sealed when the county commissioners adopted the interagency agreement that shall soon add lanes to help relieve local traffic using I-25 here – an apparent historic example of positive local government impact.

Tom has developed leadership and collaborative skills as a Loveland Planning Commission member, the previously elected County Surveyor, and as County Commissioner since 2009. Tom’s many successes are the result of his sincere dedication to the citizens of Larimer County that Tom works for and believes in – visit for a look.

I value success, experience, and effective leadership in elected government leaders. I want professionalism and a desire to collaborate in government leaders. And I like humbleness, respectfulness, and humor in my leaders. Tom is all those things and has proved to me he can be relied on to successfully work for me and for you. He has absolutely earned our trust and our vote on November 8.

Andy Josey, Windsor

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