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Thursday, May 23, 2024

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More child killing in Afghanistan

More child killing in Afghanistan

Editors note: This is not an isolated incident. This happens frequently. This is not the way to make friends. Our military intervention has been a failure. Thousands of innocents have been killed along with many of our own young people. The cost in lives and money has been enormous. Now some neocon senators want us to attack Iran. More of the same. Insanity at its peak. We need to get our troops out of Afghanistan. The action there has made our country less safe, not more safe. Would you accept ... Full Story

A Tale of Three Apologies: Ed Schultz, Cal Thomas, and

  Compare the difference between apologies of Rush Limbaugh and those of Ed Schultz and Cal Thomas: Schultz and Thomas both appeared publicly to make their apologies (Schultz's on air apology to Laura Ingraham and to the public lasted approximately 10 minutes) and made a telephone call to the "victium" to make a personal apology. Schultz took a week of unpaid leave from his television show. Limbaugh did none of those things. He really did not apologize for what he said, only for using ... Full Story