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Lundberg Legislative Report-April 2, 2011

  Topics:   1. Civil Union Bill in the House 2. SB-200, Medical Exchange Program 3. David Hartley, Six Months After His Murder 4. The Budget Bill Stalls ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. This past Thursday was a busy time in both houses. In the House the civil union bill was in Judiciary. The final fate of this very controversial bill was decided. I attended a prayer vigil for its defeat at noon. After many hours of ... Full Story

Sky Tonight—April 2, Follow the arc to Arcturus

Sky Tonight—April 2, Follow the arc to Arcturus

Courtesy of EarthSky A Clear Voice for Science Visit EarthSky at Now is a perfect time to look outside in the evening and learn a playful phrase useful to skywatchers. Scouts learn it. Grandparents teach it to kids. It was one of the first sky tools I learned to use in astronomy. The phrase is: follow the arc to Arcturus. First locate the Big Dipper asterism in the northeastern sky in mid-evening, maybe around 9 p.m. Can’t find the Big Dipper? Look ahead to our chart for ... Full Story