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Friday, June 14, 2024

Lundberg Legislative Report-April 2, 2011




1. Civil Union Bill in the House

2. SB-200, Medical Exchange Program

3. David Hartley, Six Months After His Murder

4. The Budget Bill Stalls


1. This past Thursday was a busy time in both houses. In the House the civil union bill was in Judiciary. The final fate of this very controversial bill was decided. I attended a prayer vigil for its defeat at noon. After many hours of testimony the civil union bill, which essentially would have redefined marriage in Colorado, was defeated, on a party-line vote.

2. In the Senate HHS Committee SB-200 was heard. This bill creates a state sponsored medical insurance exchange. The sponsors are calling it a “free market” solution, yet it makes a new government program that will run the “free” market.

The committee room was packed with both sides. One observation during the hearing: The chair for the meeting, Sen. Newell, told several witnesses “you know the drill.” That is because those people have been here many times. They are regulars around here. They are also all in favor of the bill. By contrast, several who have obviously not been here before are all opposing the bill. Hmm…

In the end, the bill came down to passing on a party-line vote, but not before an amendment was introduced, originally from the House sponsor, that would probably kill the bill. This bill passes today, but seems destined to not make it into law.

3. At noon, on Wednesday, March 30, on the West Steps of the Capitol, a rally was held in memory of David Hartley, who was killed by thugs on the Texas/Mexico border six months ago. Mexican authorities have not found/returned his body or charged anyone with the crime. His widow, Tiffany, and several others made a courageous stand for justice. Justice for the resolution of his tragic murder and justice through better protection of U.S. citizens in the future. Several dozen people and many members of the press attended the rally. After the rally I brought Tiffany and a few others to the governor’s office so they could deliver a written letter to the governor.

4. This week was supposed to be the Senate’s turn with the budget bill, but we had no bill to work with. The Joint Budget Committee could not finalize the budget bill. I hope we will eventually have a good bill to work with that lives within our means and has little or no bookkeeping gimmicks. Maybe next week…



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