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Monday, July 22, 2024

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Nikkel and Conway articles nearly identical

Nikkel and Conway articles nearly identical

By Gary Wamsley Since plagiarism seems to be rearing its ugly head, especially where it concerns water issues, I was quite surprised when I read Weld County Commissioner Sean Conway's Guest Commentary about NISP, which appeared in the Denver Post and thought it sounded quite familiar. I looked at the Guest Column submitted to this publication by House District 49 Representative B.J. Nikkel and noted that it was almost identical. Neither of these individuals has made any statement that these ... Full Story

NCWCD Prints Mocking “Save The Poudre”

NCWCD Prints Mocking “Save The Poudre” Bumper Sticker

NCWCD Prints Mocking "Save The Poudre" Bumper Sticker, Steals Name Sticker mocks elected officials, public, scientists, business leaders. Fort Collins, CO -- As their latest desperate ploy to push the Northern Integrated Supply Project (NISP) and its Glade Reservoir forward, the Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District (NCWCD) has printed a bumper sticker that mocks anybody who disagrees, including the taxpaying citizens who fund its budget. Additionally, the bumper sticker represents ... Full Story

NISP debate heats up

NISP debate heats up

Please accept this letter on behalf of Troy Bredenkamp, Executive Vice President of the Colorado Farm Bureau. In their recent letter about the Northern Integrated Supply Project, Save The Poudre’s leaders Gary Wockner and Mark Easter don’t use facts, but only distorted opinions to suggest NISP is a hazard to agriculture. They make the false claim that they represent the agriculture community in their opposition to this critical water project. It is unfortunate that Wockner and Easter must ... Full Story

Save The Poudre responds to B. J. Nikkel

Save The Poudre responds to B. J. Nikkel

By Mark Easter and Gary Wockner We are writing in response to BJ Nikkel’s recent editorial in the Recorder Online, wherein she supports the hugely damaging Northern Integrated Supply Project (NISP/Glade). Let’s be clear –Agriculture and the Poudre River stand to be the big losers if NISP/Glade is built. In their ground-breaking report “Farming on the Edge: Sprawling Development Threatens America’s Best Farmland”, the American Farmland Trust identified the Cache la Poudre Valley ... Full Story

Water storage is critical to Northern Colorado’s

Water storage is critical to Northern Colorado’s future

By State Representative B.J. Nikkel House District 49 In Northern Colorado, we are able to enjoy the bounty of produce grown on the tens of thousands of acres of farmland in Larimer and Weld Counties irrigated by the precious waters flowing down from our high country. This has all been made possible by the visionaries who preceded and provided for us. These irrigated farmlands provide open space between our growing communities and also allow us to grow top quality foods to put on our ... Full Story

Ag Rally for Northern Colorado Water Project Set for

Ag Rally for Northern Colorado Water Project Set for July 15

Weld County, Colo. - Northern Colorado farm and ranch organizations and public officials have announced an ag rally to show support for the Northern Integrated Supply Project, a proposed water storage project that is a cooperative venture between agricultural ditch companies and growing northern Front Range communities. NISP would help prevent the aggressive dry up of thousands of additional acres of farmland in Northern Colorado while providing a responsible water management tool for growing ... Full Story

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