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Sunday, July 14, 2024

NCWCD Prints Mocking “Save The Poudre” Bumper Sticker

NCWCD Prints Mocking “Save The Poudre” Bumper Sticker, Steals Name

Sticker mocks elected officials, public, scientists, business leaders.

Fort Collins, CO — As their latest desperate ploy to push the Northern Integrated Supply Project (NISP) and its Glade Reservoir forward, the Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District (NCWCD) has printed a bumper sticker that mocks anybody who disagrees, including the taxpaying citizens who fund its budget. Additionally, the bumper sticker represents trademark and copyright theft of the name “Save the Poudre.”

Today, after a Colorado Open Records Act request from the real “Save the Poudre” (that’s us!), NCWCD admitted that they printed and have distributed a bumper sticker that says:  “Save the Poudre: Store it in Glade.”

The bumper sticker is now publicly posted here http://www.gladereservoir.org/Docs/save%20the%20poudre.pdf on their website and presented (below).

“This bumper sticker is a deliberate lie and a cynical ploy,” said Gary Wockner, Director of Save the Poudre. “It mocks the Fort Collins City Council, mocks the taxpaying citizens of NCWCD, mocks the northern Colorado business community, mocks the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, mocks the State of Colorado Water Quality Control Division, and mocks the 3 million American citizens who are members of groups in the Save the Poudre Coalition. This bumper sticker reeks of infantile desperation.”

The Fort Collins City Council voted unanimously to oppose NISP/Glade. Northern Colorado’s only business newspaper — the Northern Colorado Business Reportopposed NISP/Glade. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency issued a scathing critique of NISP/Glade including a veto threat. The State of Colorado Water Quality Control Division issued a scathing critique of NISP/Glade. And, one of the largest citizens’ coalitions in western America — the Save the Poudre Coalition — is 100% committed to stopping the project. NISP/Glade is now over 6 years late and it’s price tag has escalated from $350 million to $490 million with no end in sight to the delays and cost overruns.

“We are investigating legal action for trademark and copyright theft of our name, ‘Save the Poudre’,” continued Wockner. “We’ve been so successful at stopping their project, they now are desperately resorting to stealing our name. It’s sad and stupid.”

NCWCD is a government agency funded by the property taxes of northern Colorado citizens. The bumper sticker uses the same color and font as that of the real “Save the Poudre”.

“It’s a wacky week for water plagiarism in Colorado,” said Wockner.

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