July 2024


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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Supporting Richard Ball for State Senate

To the Editor,

Currently, all of Larimer County except Fort Collins is “represented” by three individuals appointed to their positions by a few conservative Republicans. They support the views of only the most conservative voters. We need broader representation.

This year Rich Ball, a lifelong Loveland resident, has stepped up to offer that broad representation. He is running for Senate District 15, which covers all of Larimer County except Fort Collins.

Rich was born into a Loveland family with a long tradition of public service. While practicing law and raising four children, Rich served on the boards of many local charities, was president of the Larimer County Bar Association, Rotary, United Way, and more. Over the years he has volunteered with Lovelanders of all political persuasions and now has friends and supporters across the political spectrum.

Rich is a problem solver. He knows that educational opportunities, multi-modal transportation, and a creative, innovative environment are essential to attracting jobs to Colorado. He supports health care for all, a clean, healthy environment, and sensible, future oriented, state budgeting.

Rich Ball understands Loveland and Larimer County. He will work hard to represent all of our people. He needs your vote on August 10 and November 2.

Ann Harroun
Loveland, CO 80538

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