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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

The Constitution vs. Congress

Welcome the passage of Senate Bill 1867 and the police state.  No hearings were held and this passed under the guise of “our security.”Our government now has the right to detain and imprison American civilians indefinitely WITHOUT charges or due process.  Guilty until proven innocent is now the American way. This bill is the final step necessary to strike down any remaining Constitutional protections.

We have fusions centers all over the country gathering information on all citizens from all different sources.  These fusion centers have no oversight. Everythingyou do and own is tracked, including your financial transactions. We fear the IRS whose power is unrestrained in attaching citizens’ resources. We have FEMA camps that have been built all over the US, with barbed wire facing inward, guard station, restricted access, cameras, and plenty of coffins.  Sounds ominous, doesn’t it?

We have failed ventures (Solyndra) and illegal activities (Fast & Furious) being covered up, government officials taking advantage of insider information to enrich themselves.  All this is being done with OUR money.  These actions are all worthy of impeachment proceedings.

Where is the outrage? Nothing will change unless we clean out Congress and create TERM LIMITS to get rid of them.  We should be asking ourselves why does hardly anyone know about the Get Out of Our House ( movement  which will allow us to do just that and why isn’t the press reporting on it?

K. Burson
Houston, Texas

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