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Thursday, May 23, 2024

There Is No Impending Zombie Apocalypse





CDC: There Is No Impending Zombie Apocalypse

by Julie M. Rodriguez

When Rudy Eugene attacked the sleeping Ronald Poppo in Miami by reportedly chewing off his face, many people responded to the shocking nature of the event with humor, suggesting that maybe Eugene was actually a zombie. The reaction makes sense – it’s difficult to process such a horrific event, and easier to respond to such an incomprehensible act by suggesting that the perpetrator wasn’t really human.

Unfortunately, there’s corner of the internet that wasn’t in on the joke and is taking the attack, along with a few other similar high-profile crimes, as evidence of a “zombie apocalypse.” Even Gawker, a high-profile news and entertainment blog, ran a piece suggesting that the end was nigh, pointing to a series of “ominous” events and suggesting they might indicate the spread of a zombie virus. The timeline presented is obviously forced – for instance, a group of students breaking out with a rash at a Florida high school is suggested as the start of the virus – even though none of those students has, to anyone’s knowledge, gone on to gnaw off anyone’s face. Many of the events are scattered across the country and appear to have no connection to one another.

The Gawker article was clearly supposed to be tongue-in-cheek –  … Read more: 

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